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What bug is this?

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What type of bug is this? Finding lots of them all over a house in Illinois.

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What could this be? I found the little guy on my pillow in the bedroom. He acted as if he was caught red handed and moved fast than a stink bug. I've looked up riches and can't find anything that looks like him/her. Please what is this?
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I have ants that are getting inside the house especially around the windows

Bed bugs:
Do I need to plaster the walls before or after the exterminator comes

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I know this is a ton of pics but my apartment is infested. I’ve noticed that whatever they are it sheds their skin and I noticed them on the floor and just thought it was crumbs. Then I was cleaning out from underneath my bed and that where I found my red tie to my robe and I noticed it had a lot of the exoskeletons attached to it. Still didn’t really think too much about it until I saw the one live one crawling around. I thought maybe it was a bedbug have an apartment complex so I called the apartment manager and asked her if they were in fact better than sure the picture she said no she’s never say never for. So I got on Google and they could just take over rent ? I’m pretty sure it’s a carpet beetle I’m in all things. The carpet beetle put in there were some that I found in my kitchen there may not be carpet beetles what do I do to get rid of them are they hard to get rid of so I just move out of here with my kids or because of my back and let them have the place
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Few days ago, i stayed in a hotel. The last morning when I awoke I saw and killed a bed bug containing blood. When returning home bite after bite kept appearing the 2 days after. Upon return I also immediately emptied the luggage over the bathtub, washed all clothes on 60C(140F) and dried them super hot. The suitcase I threw away. My girlfriend came to visit but she has no bite signs while I had exactly one new bite sign yesterday and today. My room I thoroughly vacuumed and washed all bed sheets again with hot Temperature. So far no signs of blood, shed skins or dark spots anywhere.

I read that bite signs can take up to several days to show up. Is it normal that they don’t show up at once day after day or how likely is it in your professional opinion that I did bring them over to my home?
Thank you for your time

Can a dead cochroach wrapped in Saran wrap cause an infestation in 10 days. I took it over to a gals house for her live in to identify it. Since they claim to be expert on everything and I mean everything!
It was dead and wrapped in the plastic. I put it in the trash can under the sink.
He dumped the trash outside and said today there were hundreds of cockroaches. Well she said thousands. Could that have really happened. I'd go look for myself but I'm not welcome. These are big ones like an inch.

So I was wondering how it works when you need to treat for bedbugs but literally live paycheck to paycheck do bedbug extermination companies except payments?

I have been getting bites on my arms, hand and neck. They get itchy, then red and very swollen, in my house! I don't know what to do! Please help me! Sometimes, it takes a week for them to go away. I spray with alcohol on the bite , which may help for awhile, but I need to know how to get rid of tgem! Permanently! Anything you can do to help, will be greatly appreciated! I live in Vandalia, Ohio! Bugs are bad here this year!! : (
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