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So now Nest works with Google now and Google search. This is outlined at

That is nice, but I have a few critical questions, if anybody may be able to help me with.

 1) When does Google let Nest know that I am heading home? Only if I have google maps enabled and navigating me home, or anytime i am outside home and perhaps generally walking towards home too??

2) Does it keep into account that somebody might already be home like my wife? I hope in that case it does not disturb the temperature already active in the house?

 3) Does it show me a card/notification/confirmation before notifying Nest at home to start heating/cooling the house? Again, this is to make sure that I really am heading home, and there is nobody at home already who might get disturbed due to this action of Nest and Google Now?


Today I saw that Nest had added few auto schedule points to my weekdays. Somehow at 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM, both had a temperature of 75 added, so just to clean up the schedule, I deleted the 3:30 PM entry as it was the same temp point as of 11:30. 

In this process, I accidently deleted some of the auto learned entries of 11:30 too. Then I realised that there was no save at the end, and any change I was making, was getting saved immediately. As feared there was Undo too. Perhaps some form of Undo could help while we are editing the schedules, else accidently deleted auto schedules, can take time to get regenerated again. 

Am I right in observing that there is no Undo during schedule editing?
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