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Name: Kiaya Star
Gender: female
Region: sinnoh
Bio: A girl who dreams of seeing all of the ghost pokèmon in the pokèmon world she left her home town of Jubilife City and travels with her team!
Team: Driftblim, Baynnet and duskull
Opucation: she is a spy for the pokemon ranger squad in kalos
Specialty of type: Ghost
Best friends: none aside from her team and most ghost types
The meaning of her looks: not many people in her life had trusted ghost types and judged her for them on how she was always dressed in dark clothes so she started dressing us in bright red clothing to show she isn't as dark as people say…… but still has anger problems!

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Name: Matthew Kamiya
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Home Town: Kanto Pallet Town
Personality: Kind and Friendly
Likes: Pokemon and Friends
Dislikes: Evil People using Pokemon as Nothing but Tools
Dream: wish to be the greatest Pokemon Master Ever
BIo: im a young Boy with a Dream i was Born and Raised in Pallet Town now it has come for me to leave and make my own path i am the Son to the kamiya incorporated the best place that makes all the latest Pokeballs and new gadget's for Trainers to use for there travels 
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