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Matrix Medical Network is Growing! Calling all experienced and new graduate Nurse Practitioners!

Now hiring nationwide for community health assessments for members in their home. Flexible schedules and great pay! Apply today!
Matrix Medical
Matrix Medical

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Hi there! My name is Ben, please allow me to provide my excellent-quality service of composing NCLEX questions (Multiple-choice Questions, Select All That Apply, Prioritization and Delegation, etc.) with specific rationales and references, with an objective of emulating the actual NCLEX-RN/PN. 

*Please contact me for LONG-TERM projects*

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I've been a cancer nurse 18 years now. I love to see my patient coloring and enjoying other creative projects during their treatment.

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Here is a video we make on electronic health records workflow vs a paper workflow in a medical practice.

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Thank you for the add, Brittney!

I've been a long time blogger. I've been a nurse for 26 years. I've recently been compelled to direct my blogging toward nurses.

My story involves having periods of burnout in my nursing career. What I discovered is I lacked the tools to deal with stressors coming my way. This was to the point I was desperate to leave nursing.

Along my journey I started discovering simple tools to support my own healing. For several years now, I've been a blogger and a nurse.... but not directing my writing toward nurses.

The past few months, I have felt compelled to begin sharing my journey specifically with nurses. I know many of you struggle with overwhelm, burnout, and stress. I will now be directing my writing to you as a nurse.

Many more fun things to come. I've JUST launched a podcast channel. I have a channel with Women Infused. It's on the Wellness Channel of the Women Infused Broadcasting Network.

I look forward to sharing links to new writings. In the meantime, here is one on Mindful Breathing!

Please feel free to share a post from your nursing blog.
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