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Lost in the world of darkness
Whisper: Does anyone here me?
Sing: I am the one that chose to stay here as others chose to live in the light but here I am at home, what else was I to do once someone made the seed of darkness in me forever. My home is falling apart as I am alone there is no one who wants me alive it feels it but in reality I know the truth I have this monster who would love to see me dead. I am working hard to be better than most people what else am I to do when the ones that I thought would always be there for me are gone.
Talk: Hello, are you lost? I am Raven and this is my friend Fallen. We are fighters of those that are like you.
Sing: here is the world that we all knew it might be falling to peaces now but we have made everything a little better with what we can do. We are just fighting to keep others on the road of fighting, we have demons too. But we have pushed though to the world that we know now all we can see is how pretty the world is now in the darkness we mean.
Fallen (sing): I love to help with any fight I have been here for to long. I know that one day I will lose the battle but I know that the ones that have me will bring me back. Death might be coming for me but I know something no one else knows about me, I am not afraid of dying or death or a Shinigami.
Raven sings:Take my hand and pull me close. Don't you ever let go of me. For you and I will be all we will ever need. Don't just walk away...NO DON'T JUST WALK AWAY! I will won't let you until my dying breath ooohhhh yeah! Take my hand in this cold war of life. Stop and think to know who you are in this world. Are you a saint or a sinner? Ooooooohhh yyeeeaahh! I am the one to blame we all are the damned black sheep in this world of white sheep who so ever just want to annihilate us into oblivion.

Talk:If will shall meet our demise so narrowly. I will make sure to take you and you and you down with me to hell. Where you all burn before me and plea and plea but I'm no saint to I have no choice but to see you off in agony laughs

Sing:You took me for granted now you will pay! I may not see it clearly written in my own blood on these closing walls but I will get my revenge in this lost world....of darkness.

New song coming soon I hope you all like it.

Waiting within the shadows

Talk: when you stuck in the shadows for different reasons, your left there for different reasons you loved or you put yourself back there to let the others be happy.

Sing: when we are young the world decided to throw all it has at you. That is when you notice yourself being an outcast. The one who everyone makes fun of they don't understand all the times you have cried yourself to sleep, or started marking yourself even worse the times you decided you no longer where welcomed. The names that they call or have called you means nothing for they don't know the story you are hiding or they know some of the story that you have told them. One day they will be where you are but you will have already in braced or changed how you are. We are all so different but in this life being different is great.

Talk: we don't know everyone's story without asking.

Scream: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Sing: don't scream the world might have decided how you will be but you have to know that when your voice can't say what your heart still wants to speak even though your crying, fighting the demons or doing something that will make the voices of those who don't understand shut up at night. Music will always be there to help anyone who feels like a shadow dweller or those who are waiting to be seen within the shadows.

Scream: fight and protect tune out all those who don't understand for one day you will be better than them!

Talk: the world can be curl but it depends on how you see and react to it. Music and other creative things are better than harming yourself.

Stone heart

Sing: have you been left feel nothing but a stone cold heart in my chest, you gave up on me so why should I let you live with my love when you never really wanted me I was a toy you could brake.

Scream: you left me with this stone cold heart that's getting heavier!!!

Demon: know the person you left belongs to us.

Whisper: now I am nothing but a shadow dweller and a person left to die or learn to stay near the darkness.

Sing: you left me with a heat that was in a jar, how do you think it feels crying my eyes out until I fell asleep. You don't understand how a stone cold heart can brake into a million pieces.

Whisper: just leave me here you already broken me into more than a million pieces you became another person who is just in the price you can never hurt me ever again because I never want you around me again. Just stay away you can't do anymore Damaged than I already am.

Sing: all I can feel is pain which is better than feeling nothing at all I don't want anymore emptiness. I just wanted you all to myself i was willing to do what ever it took to have you love me because my heart was already a black hole and chained but you just made me worst than before. I say goodbye to you to bring me pain. I'll keep the cold stone heart that I can't hear beating anymore.

Always alone
(fallen/raven) Talk: Why are always so alone all the damn time? What have we done to deserve this type of torture in life?
(Raven) Sing: The world seems to want us dead. I don’t want we don’t want our lives to be so worthless but no seems one cares if we are always alone for people who have not lived in our shoes or places why should they say that we should be dead if they never cared to try? We are the ones who take hits from those who don’t understand the life we have chosen.
(fallen) Scream: let the world burn!
(raven) Sing: They will never care for any single one of us, for they see something that is different is a bad thing, they have not lived in the world of darkness so they can back off motherfucker. That is why I am alway so alone for there is no one to be near me who wants me they always leave me alone or try but my demons keep the wall I have built up. The world may mean nothing to some one like us but we can see the dark part of the world that the ones who have been blinded by love.
(fallen) Scream: For we are the ones who know true pain that no one else will ever know. We are only pest to those who don’t understand all the hell that we have been though.
(raven) Whisper: This time it will be the darkness queen and king who will be burning in their castle we have lived a life of pain for too long.

Darkness Dwelling
Sing: The world of the past should be dead to me but it’s not, all I want to do is make the pain stop but I don’t want to forget all that has happened. Here I have to be to dwell in the darkness but the pain I know will never stop.
Whisper: make the pain stop…When I am in the darkness I know i am the worst person in the world. The only thing that is true is that I am trash. All I have ever wanted was someone who was willing to lift me from that but what I got was fixed a little bit than thrown back into the gutter.
Sing: With in that gutter I came back to my demons who have never left me for dead like that, all I really want is what I had but I know now that I am not worth that the time of his. I truly loved him and I was truthful but he never saw the good side of me only the depressed side of me. I guess not everyone can hear you scream with in the darkness.
Scream: no one can ever hear me scream what am I suppose to do? When you left me to die.
Sing: the world seems dead to me and inside of me i feel dead. There is nothing for me now that to sit here and wait to mess up the next relationship that I am in that way I am only left to get hurt by myself. You never came back to say that you didn’t love me so you left me waiting 8 or 9 months what am i suppose to do without you here as you live happy without me living happy a new life with your escape girl. Pat Bentar said that love was a battle field but I guess you only love yourself.
Talk: I became the adult I stepped aside so that you could be happy even if that wasn’t with me. Here you left me to dwell in the darkness. Left screaming which is turning to a whisper but I guess we never meant anything to any of you. I hope your dick is happy with the life you fucking chose to live without those who really fucking cared for you. Assholes.
Scream: We will live on without having to deal with the motherfuckers who helped take us down and make us damaged angels. Fuck yourself.

Talk: When the world has gone and killed you. What are you to do?
Sing: When you seem lost in this world you have to go and find your voice for this is your world not just theirs. You just let them take you over until death, but you can’t do that for once you do that’s how you will be for the rest of your life. We become lost when the people in our life that are suppose to love us the most….
Talk: Leave you for dead, leave you for someone else, or don’t really love you or even care for you. When they were all….
Whisper: wanted you or wanted them the most. Now we feel…….
Scream: Abandoned left for the demons in our heads. We keep our heads together and sane, but in the darkness…
Sing: we have to walk alone or with friends or with music as we run from ones who just want to eat what we are. We are different but sometimes we get lost or found, for now we are lost to the world not wanted or needed.
Whisper: lost with out help……….

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Talk: What is a legend?

Sing: They say that we will Never become as much as a legend as Mitch Lucker one of the greatest singers and screams that ever came before us. The one thing that we have to remember and can not be forgotten is that what we want to do with our lives or how we are, yet they tell us to dream. Some push us to be a mold that they want they want us to be to fellow but yet since when has being unique a bad thing being different is great.

Scream: We will make a mark in the history books.

Sing: The world seems to think that we won’t be what we want for who we are just people walking throw life not leaving a mark on the world. Becoming legends in our own right. We are the next queen, My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides we will remember now and forever, for we work hard.

Scream: Don’t you know that LEGENDS NEVER DIE!

Talk: Everyone please help us do the Lucker Stomp! To honor the greats that came before us even if they are still alive!

Scream: Long Live those who left a mark on this world before they passed or those who still are making a mark on this world. Long before everything changed we will still be able to know that they are alive though the music they left behind!


Sing: Many people don’t realize that they are the ones that will live on. Those who fellow their dreams. We will always draw inspiration from those who came before us before the DWA Army was born. For we want to make a great difference like our heroes did, many people need to have a saviors they can look up to.

Scream: Music lives on for it never can die, even if they try to kill it!
Talk: Forever we will be the savior and protectors of the weak………..

(let the music fade out)
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