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Have a look how a Work Process Map can be used with UXRisk.

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UXRisk Webinar Recording 18th January 2017

Dear UXRisk User,

We're writing to let you know about some significant changes that will affect your UXRisk subscription. On March 21th we plan to migrate UXRisk to a new platform and in the process we shall be closing all trial accounts. We have carefully considered these changes and, although this migration will cause a slight disruption, the new structure will allow us to create a more flexible solution and to better serve our customers.

The information below is to guide you through the process, to ensure that all your data is safe and, that the migration affects you as little as possible. If you have questions, or need technical support, do not hesitate to contact Support. We will do our best to assist you. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Why are we making this change?
Primarily to enable templates, but we are also making some significant changes in how the service is hosted. Eventually, this will allow us to operate the service in private and hosted clouds, not just Azure Public cloud.

What you need to know
UXRisk will be offline from 14.00/2PM CET Friday the 18th of March until 7/7AM CET Monday the 21th of March.
During the migration we will be transferring all data to the new version, so all your data is safe.
To reinstall UXRisk you have to be running Windows 10. The new version of UXRisk is available on Sunday the 20th of March in Windows Store.
Some changes you have made in the old UXRisk may have to be redone in the new version. Please contact Support if you think this might affect you.

What you need to do
The migration process is managed by us. In order for the migration to go smoothly for you, there are a few actions you will need to take:
- Make sure all your UXRisk users are running Windows 10 with all the updates installed
- If you have made any configuration changes that need to be redone in the new version, please contact Support.
For any assistance, please reach out to us for Support. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Please contact us if you need any help on running the UXRisk Universal Windows App on Windows 7 PC or any other device not being a Windows 10 PC.

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Outsourcing mobile UX development work in India can help you cut the cost. You can also launch your product quickly to get a competitive advantage with the help of an experienced UX designer.

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How UXRisk works. Through several short videos, we try to explain what UXRisk is all about. 

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Men selv om man kommer med et nytt og billigere system med bedre kvalitet, så betyr ikke det at folk kjøper det med en gang. Når noe virker for godt til å være sant, trenger man en stund for å forstå at det faktisk er sant.
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