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If any of you are interested in attending or giving a talk at the +openSUSE Summit at #SCaLE17x, please give this a read - You can register or submit a talk at

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#SUSE #ExpertDays2018 is coming to #LosAngeles tomorrow! Some of us SoCalSUSE geekos will be there! The event is free so I invite all to join us and have a lot of fun!!

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Big Data LA was a success in the face of Adversity. Made it to the event via public trasport when the car blew up (no, the car didnt start yet another fire in California). Thanks to +Joey Dye +Romy Meyerson +Alan Williams and his sister Allysa for helping with the booth. Winning best community booth at +Big Data Los Angeles was amazing. Hopefully we can do it agian for +So Cal Code Camp.

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Is anyone interested in making a logo design for the openSUSE Mini-Summit at SCALE?

It looks like we might be doing another openSUSE miniSummit at SCaLE next year. We are going to need some volunteers to make it a reality. Is anyone here interested in helping?

Help day of the event(likely a day or two before the expo hall opens):
+ help with setup and cleanup
+ keep the track on track - help keep on schedule, answering questions and other general needs (likely lots of running around)
+ maintain swag table - keep it full and looking good!
+ set up and maintain game area. Play and interact with people. Help with openSUSE questions and maybe even some installs. (embody"have a lot of fun", no matter what)
+ Social media coverage using the SoCalSUSE twitter, and instagram accounts along with promotion on Facebook, G+ (here), and in the Fediverse.

Leading up to the event:
+ give a talk
+ help us find people to give talks
+ miniSummit logo design/design ideas
+ New booth banner design
+ help us set decide on the talk schedule including break spacing
+ help us find volunteers to help work the miniSummit and the SCaLE booth
+ decide on games and fun things to engage the community at the show
+ demo machine setup (fresh TW and Leap installs to show at the booth and in game room)

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I need all of this for my apartment. The SUSE HQ is decorated the way I wish my apartment was!
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The SUSE office!! Nuremberg Germany

Opensuse is going to running the Opensuse, KDE and Gnome booth at the +Scale 16x. Come visit up. Use promocode SUSE, Gnome or KDE50 to get a discount off entry.

if you haven't heard of it yet, you should check out Mastodon. It is a new open source, open standards, decentralized and federated Social Network. There are now over 300,000 users and over 900 instances in the "fedeverse". The main instance, is not taking any more registrations, but you can get a list of other instances there. I am create an account, find me, follow me. I will follow you back! Have a lot of fun!
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