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Archer- +Yukari Fumio​ 



Saber- +Aretha [O'Kane] Vysal​ 

Assassin- +Blademaster Andrew​ 


Other classes (ask for more info):






Acer- +Yukari Fumio 

Gunner- +scarlet rain

Dark Lancelot- +adrianyoukaiofdarkness

Black knight- +Adrian YoukaiofDarkness

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Raven was tracking down enemies of the Church in fuyuki Japan so they won't interrupt the holy grail war he sees what seems to be a heretic hideout due to the symbols on the walls blood all over them as well he walks in trench coat draped behind him finds where the blood came from and sees a man butchering humans he readied his sword jumps down on top of the man and sends the blade through his upper heart then walks away not seeing the one he saved
Disturbing a summoning circle senses a servant nearby ( open rp)

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Name: raven canale Michael
Age: 19
Gender: male
Birthday: October 24th Scorpio
Nickname: crimson commander / raging imperial / the iron swordsman
Height 6" 2
Weight : 213 (muscle weight) pounds
Weaponry: blue steel long sword ( serrated blade) / rhino revolver
Relatives: 3 elder sisters parents dead
Rank: cadet Battle captain
Country: Italian imperial Union
Servant: lancer
Fighting style: American Korean tae kwon do mix / expert long sword user
Likes: weaponry / mid evil stuff / sword play
Dislikes: enemies to the Italian church / eggs
History: was born into a very difficult life while other kids went to school he studied guerrilla warfare espionage and etc by six he had done multiple assassination's and works for the church and magic association as an inquisitor and participates in the holy grail war which he intends to win and conquer
Armor: steel plated martial arts full body armor under uniform
Magic: martial arts magic
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le template:

Name: Miyako nakamura

Heroic Spirit: No

Class (for spirits):

Age: 17

Birthday: may 15

Bio: Nurtured at a young age miyako was born in a family of mages and studied quite a lot, mainly from her love of literature. She sometimes felt caged from the constant expectations and relaxes with being alone and "pleasuring herself" as most did not know that she was a futanari and only presented as a girl. She knew that her family wanted to participate in the holy grail war, so she was the one to go in and win.

Description: She is a very kind individual, level headed and calm with a strong facade most dont know is her just being normal. She will get too aroused from stimulation but otherwise she can keep her erection in.


Arche was waiting at the doorstep for his master to return. He missed him dearly, as he was gone on a trip and insisted that Arche get some rest. He did send his water spirit to follow him to make sure his master was safe, but he was still unrest. Master....

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Age: 19

Birthday: May 8

Bio:Adrian was always the odd ball to everyone just because of his red eyes that some people make fun of him. He lives alone repairing broken tools or machines people bring to him. Has no friends do to the fact they fear losing their reputation his family was a natural strength in mana either by dumb luck or special training in the mountains. HIs training was at the mountains.

Description:HE's an intelligent boy not respected by his peers, HIs mana strength is better then his one family by 50%


Alexus had on a plain black T-shirt and a pair of jeans as she marveled at all the technology that was in her master's home. She sat in a comfy chair and waited to be given an order or ready to follow her master if he left his home.

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who want to rp?

Im so sorry for leaving for so long its just because school is so busy and ive been going to cons and such QWQ please forgive mE!!!

I am up for ANY type of RP! :3! ~

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