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To all. Hustlers,day to day grinders,single baby mommas getting to without a man,single baby daddy's getting to it without a woman,to all people of the world getting it by any means,21 gun salute,no matter how you get it .Money makes the world go round you either stand or lay down,but you stand up then #Bethotful to you. You know the brand and you know the motto (BE THAT HUSTLER OVER THERE TO THE FULLEST). Witness history in the making vibe with us it's M.B.C. ENTERTAINMENT knocking at your door with the voice of the future D.Rog!!!!!!!
To many Chiefs and not enough Indians,nowadays everybody's boss lol. I laugh at that why you may ask. See no matter the game you play team work make the dream work,see in order too be a great leader you must be a good follower there's a blue print or instruction manual to this. Understanding,patience,due diligence,consistency,is required. Witness history in the making M.B.C. ENTERTAINMENT featuring the voice and face of the label D.Rog. D.rog ft. Kai Kenn-THOT (#bethotful):
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