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Read this pinned post guys!

Got one rule guys, well two, make it related to this game when you post (no just random advertisements for recliner chairs). And, if you post a link make sure to describe whats on the other end of it in good description, none of those "In todays more" things.

On another note, lets just have fun!

In the links you can find the current playtest packet and a link to my website as well as a link to just the Runaway Hirelings project! So check it out and lets run out of some dungeons!

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Last nights game! Just a highlights of terms report
+Michael Siebold​ and +Craig Wolf​ just escaped The Spider Cinema in tonights session of Runaway Hirelings.

There were all sorts of things... A naked chef for example who was bad at cooking and worked in "The Septic Chamber", a place where living human skin was used for binding books, a giant pond with lizard spider hybrids sprinting across the water to catch insects, a weird eugenics program involving stolen human babies and a large spider mother.

And a spectator sport movie theater where captured people fought to the death with plant monsters for the amusement of the spider people and the humanspider hybrids.

Sadly, the old fool "Naked Joe", who thought he was a chef died fighting in one of these arenas. His tombstone reads...

He died as he lived.

... As a side note, he died defending himself from a plant monster using a rusty can opener while completely naked.

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Scheduling a Playtest for Wednesday!

I want to run some Runaway Hirelings on wednesday, start time would be sometime between 6:30PM EST to 8:30PM EST (specific time chosen by whoever wants to attend).

I only need 1 Player minimum or 4 Players maximum.

Playing via Google Hangouts

Going to use The Needlelands dungeon for this one. :)

Feel free to share this post if you can think of anyone who would be interested.

Playtest Packet:

#RunawayHirelings #Playtest

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This is what the dungeon templates will look like as a pdf handout.
Added an updated version of the Needlelands dungeon template for Runaway Hirelings to the playtest packet showing off a sort of style and layout that will be used for the Dungeon Templates.

Each Dungeon Template has a cool piece of art on the front, the back has a blank map space for drawing maps onto.

There will be a layer for just line art and another which will be just color art.

Plan is to have 8 Dungeon Templates in the rulebook, which means there is going to be a 18 page pdf of these type of dungeon template printouts with the game if purchased in digital or digital+print.

#RunawayHirelings   #TabletopRoleplayingGame  
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Quick Sketch of one of the dungeon templates. "A Couple Squidminds".
Pencil Sketch of what the dungeon template for #RunawayHirelings called "A Couple Squidminds" looks like.

It will look so cool in the style I did the needlelands art in for the book...


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Tomorrow night if anyone wants to play :)
I want to run a game of #RunawayHirelings tomorrow evening. Just need at least 1 Player (but 2 to 4 is good too!).

My schedule for a start time is: 6:30PM EST to 8:30PM EST. Game should be about 3 hours long.

If you want to play, comment!

Playtest Packet:

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This Sunday Playtest! Who has game?
Another Playtest on Sunday! Via Hangouts!

Anytime on Sunday. I want to run some Runaway Hirelings!

I'd like to have a start time some time between 1-8 PM EST and last for 3 hours. :)

I have a couple dungeons to choose from:

The Needlelands, The Swampworks, Or Wizard Grockrell's Dimension.

Need at least 1 Player to play, but 2-4 would be wicked cool!

Comment if you're interested! Link to the playtest packet is in this posts comments.
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