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Hello members of the orphanage for all this community is not completely done so there will be many other updates like on who mother willow will be and categorys so have fun and hate are some rules

Make friends!

No Bullying
No Cursing
No Hate
No Asking to be a Moderator in a very annoying/mean way
Speak English When You Post So People Know What You are Posting.
No Spamming

If it is not as bad As it Sounds (Like Hate or Spam) You will be Warned Twice and if you Continue Moderators and Owner will discuss consequences If it IS BAD as it Sounds (Like sexual things or Bullying) Moderators and Owner will be forced to Ban


+Mother Willow​​ (go follow mama)


+Laura Speedpaint​​​


+Violet Smith

+NGO gunns

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Hello everyone I am the care taker of the orphanage I want to make a few thinks clear
Please be nice to the orphans
No harmful weapons
No going outside without permission
Have fun
This orphanage is for all type of species like
Nekos,humans,vampires,cost girls and boys,ect

hi everyone

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