How can i move my data from my old phone to my new one?

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How to Hold a Dart

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Just uploaded a new version of DartPro with the following features:

By users request: Translations to German (Thanks Michael!) and Dutch.
Darts counter for Single 501, Local 501, n01, RTW en 501 v. Me
Full screen mode (with support for notches)
Game overview Local 501, 501 v. Me
New homescreen
App shortcuts and Adaptive launcher icons
Sharing of game stats no longer needs permission to write to external storage Change in n01 allows you to set any starting point you like

I'm very excited this is finally done and want to thank Michael again for his excellent translation of DartPro into German.
Have fun!


OK guys, I need your help. One of the most requested features is translation of the app to German and after some bad reviews in the last months about this I finally gave in and spent some time getting DartPro ready for localization.
I ended up with about 400 lines of words, sentences and phrases to translate so it's no easy feat.
I'm specifically looking for a German translation but every other language is welcome of course.
In return, I can offer some promo codes for DartPro.
So, if you want to help translate the app to your native language, please write me a mail.
Thanks in advance!

Just updated DartPro:

Per request by users:

Charts are more readable for users with lots of saved games.
Made it more obvious that you can tap on a entry in Data view to see the details of that game or leg.
Show a warning when you try to leave an unfinished game.

Changes in Online 501 to make gameplay smoother.

And, for the first time ever, DartPro is on sale. It will be $0.00 starting tomorrow until december 27. Totally free!

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how to play online?

hello, did a quick search and didn't manage to find an answer.
Is there any way to record doubles and triples in the matchplay?


Can anyone explain me, how i play online?
At the DartPro App is only a notice that i have to sign in to Google+.
But i cann't sign in at the app?

Thanks for the answers.

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Just released a new version of DartPro with a new game called Ten.

The objective of this game is to play 10 legs (or more, or less) and try to finish them within the maximum number of darts you set. If you consistently finish more then 50% within your target, it's time to try a higher level. A great way to methodically improve your game of darts. One of the most requested features by users was a computer opponent. This is a variation played by Daniel Allen and his mates that I think is more natural and challenging. Hope you enjoy!

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