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Just updated DartPro with a bugfix introduced in 501 v. Me with the last release.
By request, there's now a CheckOut Percentage chart for single 501 and info on checkouts in the data views:


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Finished DartPro 2.1 today with a new Missed Doubles check in Single 501, n01 and 501 v. Me.
Also added Double In Double Out to n01 and a statistics page for that game.
With this release, you're no longer logged in to Google Play Games for online 501 or achievements. Most darters don't use these features so I got a lot of mails to change this. You can manually log in and the app will remember your preference.
Special thanks to Steffen for helping me with the way MD should be implemented.


I have both the pc version and the android. Is the going to be an option for ""set play"" on the android as is on the pc version. Set play can be less ruthless than straight leg play. 

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Another update for DartPro:

Version 2.0.5
Features requested by users:
- Set a date range for Global Average and Statistics in all applicable games: see how you're doing today, last month, last 3 months etc.
-Export data to Excel
-Average at 20 statistic for ShootOut
-Some UI polish
Bug fixes based on your feedback and reports, thanks everyone for sending them in.

And a special thanks to Steffen and Wolfgang for their ideas.

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Hallo, ist zufällig eine DartPro-Version für Linux geplant? Das wäre klasse :)

How to I play someone online, the auto match doesn't connect me to anyone.? 

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For +Wolfgang Scheffner and others who are interested, I'm finishing up the Date Range settings for the average to throw against. The way this works is for example you set a date range in Single 501 and that range is persisted in the stats section of that game. So it won't affect the range in let's say Average ShootOut. Each game has it's own setting. It's not finished yet and I'm working a lot the coming weeks so I don't know when exactly it will come out. Hope you're happy with it Wolfgang.


Hi Leo,

which features are you working on? Do you have something like a roadmap or do you develop on things as they come and you like to do?

Will there be a new version of the tool in the future or do you want to just continue the program? I ask, because i now you spend a lot of time to create all the updates and these are free of charge for us. Thats not self-evident.

I´m really looking forward to the export function. Then i´ll start developing my excel sheet.

good darts
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