Hello everyone, I'm having issues connecting to my WiFi. Perhaps someone in this group can help?

This morning when I booted up my laptop Sony Vaio SVE1511W1 I noticed that it no longer connects to my WiFi. I removed the connection from the configuration and set it up fresh but that didn't help. All my other devices (Android phone, son's Android tablet and HP printer are connected without any issue. I restarted my Virgin Media Hub 3 but while all my other devices reconnected, my laptop did not.

I then tried to use my phone as a hotspot and, lo and behold, my laptop connected to my phone's WiFi hotspot without any problem. I then updated my Kubuntu system but that did not solve the issue with my home WiFi either.

I have done extensive research online but couldn't find a solution. I'm no stranger to the terminal and I'm happy to use it.

Anybody here experiencing a similar issue or has a solution how to fix it? That would be fab!

Many thanks!

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18.10 will feature a plasma integration for web browsers. At least for now there is a minor bug in the installation of it for google-chrome. If when 18.10 is released, and you use chrome, and the integration doesn't work. this is most likely how you can fix plasma-browser-integration not connecting to native host in google-chrome.


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Hello to all.I need help. After two weeks back from vacation, I found an anomaly in kubuntu, using python: if i open the file directly .py and then try to launch it, it gives me error,
"IDLE's subprocess did not make connection." Either IDLE can not start to subprocess or personal firewall software is blocking the connection"
If, however, i open the shell of the prompt and after the file, from prompt, it goes into run without problems.
I not had problems, using the first mode.
I searched on the internet, there are solutions for windows 10, but for kubuntu, nothing. Ideas? Thank you

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Just upgraded to 18.04 and noticed the KDialog file picker takes a long time to parse a directory with a lot of files. The same window took less time on 16.04, is this a known issue?

Just upgraded to 18.04 and for the most part, everything works great. I have noticed that when I wake the machine after being suspended, the entire filesystem is read only. Is this intentional or is something going wrong?

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I was working and listening to music (my Android phone was connected via KDE Connect). I picked up my phone to make a phone call, and was amazed that my music via Amarok automatically paused. When the phone call was done, the music resumed.

Well played, KDE. Well played.

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