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Anyone else playing Rymdkapsel?

Finally was able to research all four monoliths in a game to complete that mission. Neat game. Doubt I'll ever complete the mission where you have to research them all in under 40-something minutes, though. As cool as it is, don't know how much legs this game has. I wonder if they'll eventually add some modes or additional building types. The difficultly seems to ramp up quickly but when it does you don't even realize that an hour has passed...

These are all free right now in the App Store:

- Tiny Wings (and Tiny Wings HD)
- Badland
- Where’s My Water
- Infinity Blade 2
- Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery

You are a jerk who hates fun if you don't download and play these since they are all really great mobile games.

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Oh man Deus Ex: The Fall hit the App Store this week... i hope it doesn't suck...

If any arcadian still has turnips, i'm at 174, and tomorrow they rot. I can leave my gates open for any amount of time.

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I don't know how many people will remember this but it's a classic. I can't believe I still had this mp3 in my e-mail.

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Still thinking about getting a PS4, but having a newborn means I'll miss a console launch for the first time in several generations.

+Cassadi Thomas I received all of your sleek accessories for your house. just IM/FB/Twitter/+ me when you'd like to visit

Was it someone on #arcadians  who was collecting the Asto set? i now have the TV thanks to my mouse, and the shelf as well.

My town will be open until 9 tonight! turnip prices are at 495 for anyone needing to sell. You can take any of the fruit you see too! :)

Anyone check turnip prices yet today? Mine's a lousy 78.
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