day 277 of 1290 the unsealing of daniel

i had another vision, makes 11th one now in three years.
every dream ive had the waters got closer, this time the waters sweep me away,

in the dream, i had dreamt that the waters was coming, and as i woke up the waters was there as they were picking everyone up i yelled out " now is the time to repent, and everyone did

then we were all floating on our backs singing to god, not jesus but to god we were giving the glory

we were on top of the wave watching the waters wash out wickedness

it is my belief i will have another vision the day the wave will come letting me know that its the day. i hope everyone has the same vision that day.

god has told me the day the wave comes, everyone that belongs to him will hear him say" fear not children i am here"

now is the time to repent even if you think you and god got it right, repent again

the thief in the night
the voice of many rushing wasters are coming upon us to every coast line
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