Hi all,

Has anyone come across any good tutorials for styling Builder Exchange Registration Forms?

Hi,every one, I Don't know if this is the right place for this Query (Just I didn't receive an answer in the forum and i need to fix this problem) I'm having conflict problem with one plugin.

I'm using Instabuilder 2.0  (for building pages and opt-in pages) Plugin recently, I contacted the developer of this plugin, they entered to my blog and say me to contact My theme developer.

This was the answer

(Here's an update on your ticket.
Upon checking your site, our technical guy confirmed that the issue is with your Theme, it's conflicting with Instabuilder 2 popup Javascript.

You have to contact the Theme developer to fix it.

And please NOTE that the theme name is: MyTheme)

So Please tell me  what  to do with this situation.

Thank you 

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I'm having trouble getting my complete database backups to complete.
The error says it can't create the backup zip file.


Help on Ithemes. 

I have installed this plugin but I have not activated it yet and thus it is "almost ready". 

Now reading a little bit in internet I learn that this plugin is highly refined, and requires some basic knowledge. I don´t have this basic knowledge and my English is not enough to understand everything written there. 

What I did understand is that while the plugin is beautiful and really useful a bad configuration may spoil every effort. (I recently had a nightmare testing W3 TOTAL CACHE due to a bad configuration on my part, so I fear a lot to "touch" any Itheme setting.) 

Please let me know the safe way to uninstall, delete and (to be on the safe side) completeley remove iThemes Security plugin for WordPress  formerly Better WP Security from my directory. (I found that some plugins which had been unistall, still show up through Filezilla. 

I am extremely unexperienced, and I am setting the wp site by myself with free resources. 

Sorry as this is not a pre-sales question. I will never understand Technical English in case I have some troubles. Nevertheless, I count on your help, and am grateful beforehand. 

My best regards


Changed my ithemes password just to find that I now have to go to ALL of my sites using stash and re-authenticate :(  There must me a better way!

The 12th WPDC is "ROCKING!"

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Hi Ronald Finally here!

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Probably not entirely on topic, but for iThemes Exchange users potentially interesting. I just released the Exchange Custom Loop add-on for Exchange. This add-on allows you to create custom product pages for Exchange, including several options. Available for free from the WordPress plugin repo.
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