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Something from yesteryear
"How’s that? Feel any better?
Just because you got to receive a shitty package of crap from someone else, it gives you the right to do the same to next person?
Just because it so happens that in your corrupted soul, you felt it was righteous?"

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I strech my arms, dreaming that you will pull me away from all of this. Your hands, my darling... Let me beg you again and again... Save me, please save me, my darling...

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Life by Moonlight

I have seen thousands of couples kiss under my light
I have seen thousands of cars drive in the dead of night
I have seen countless fights
No one notices the light I shed to make these things bright

I reflect off the water
Rippling and farther
I wait for someone to notice the light is shed on their life

I am sorry I am not always there
I am sorry that the majority of the time Im not fully there
I am sorry that my light is not enough

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Maybe that's why we never saw each other again. Maybe because, after all, we are jealous of one another for loving, of being in love with the same. The city.

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People kept on walking by, avoiding to look me in the eye, fearing I was some sort of image they never wanted to see. Like a mirror they did not dare to stare. I laughed inside and smikerd in defiance of their fear. No one would touch me even if I was cut open and laid to die on the pavement. Society at its finest.

I created a fan fiction of PruCan. I love what I have done. I don't know if it is good or not but I like it. I was listening to a rock version of Umbrella and I had inspiration so here it goes:

Under My Umbrella
PruCan Fanfic by Admin

Why? Why is it always so difficult to have something good in this world? Gil thought as he ran through the rain, headphones blaring, trying to drown out the angry voices chasing him. Including the one that hurt the most: Ludwig's. Why brother, have you forsaken me? Why did you let them talk to you into thinking my albinism meant I was a demon? Tears streaming down his face. The warmth keeping his face warm in the freezing cold rain. Gil ended up at an overpass above a freeway. What is there to live for, even my brother hates me. It wasn't even me, I was set up. Not like it matters anymore. Gil thought as he climbed up and stood at the edge of the ledge. He looked down at the cars and semis passing through. Hopefully this won't hurt more than necessary.
Gilbert thought he heard someone, but if he did he wrote it off. As the voice was much too quiet to be heard over his music. He prepared himself to jump.
"I said HEY!"
He felt a pair of hands on the back of his black, drenched sweatshirt pulling him down from the ledge. The albino was ready to wheel around and slug the person. But when he turned to look at the person who pulled him down, thus saving him from himself, he locked eyes with a beautiful man with striking violet eyes. They kept eye contact for a moment and the mystery man turned and grabbed his umbrella and held it over the pair.
"You are gonna catch cold being out here like this, mister." The new man says.
"You aren't afraid of me? Vhy?" Gil was confused.
"Of course not. Why would I be?" He questions, equally confused.
"I'm an albino. My white skin and red eyes don't scare you?"
The beautiful man began to laugh. And it was the most wonderful sound Gil had ever heard. If only I could hear that everyday all day for the rest of my life I would be happy. He thought. And his nose crinkled in the most adorable way.
"Hey, vhat is so funny?" Gil asked playfully but kind of offended.
"Nothing. Nothing. My name is Matt and you are?"
Matt. What a perfect name. It suits you well.
Matt clears his throat snapping Gil back from his thoughts. It took a moment to realize Matt had his hand outstretched.
"My name is Gilbert. But everyone calls- called me- Gil." He says as he shakes Matt's hand.
"Eh. Your hand is so COLD. Let's get you to my house it is nice and warm there."
"Sounds great. But one thing. Vhy are you being so nice to me? You don't even know me."
"#1 I am a kind person. And #2 you seem like you've had a rough night I can tell, plus I have been there before." He nods his head towards the ledge.
The whole walk there was silent, but not awkward but comfortable. They were squished beneath the tiny umbrella, but neither complained. Especially not Gil who had his arm wrapped around the other's shoulders. Plus both of them enjoyed the closeness. When they got there Matt shook off the umbrella and left it on the porch to dry. He opened the door and ushered Gil in.
"Welcome to my home." Matt said. "Now go to the bathroom and strip. Towels are in the closet and so are extra washcloths. Go take a warm shower but don't stay in too long. I am not afraid to bust down the door.”
Matt said it seriously but Gil couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought.
“Yes sir!” Gil marched into the bathroom playfully but did as he was told. Halfway through his shower he hears a knock on the door and that his clothes are in the wash. He thanks the sweet man and finishes his shower. Gil gets dressed and began to wander the house going room to room in search of Matt. He walks into a room and he hears soft singing coming from another door in the room. Matt comes out his waist wrapped in a towel that was very loose, flaunting Matt’s beautiful physique and sexy smooth skin. Gil and Matt both gasp as they make eye contact. Gil’s borrowed boxers become unbearably tight and Matt’s eyes dip down as he takes in the sight of Gil in his boxers, shirtless. A groan of want and lust escapes Matt’s lips and he blushes red but continues to look Gil in the eyes.
His body moving of its own accord, Gil crosses the room and stands directly in front of Matt their bodies only moments apart.
“You are so sexy.” Shit did I just say that out loud? Guessing from Matt’s deepening blush he did. Oh vell. The albino thought. Gil leans in and stops just short of kissing the kind beautiful man in front of him.
“Do you want this?”
Matt couldn’t speak and just nodded his consent.
“Sure?” Gil asks one more time just in case.
Matt nodded again impatiently. So Gil softly puts his lips to Matt’s. But a spark of electricity rushed through the albino and he needed more. He put more pressure into the kiss and snaked his arms around Matt’s waist and pulled Matt against him; trailing his thin pale fingers down the younger man’s back. Matt shivered not so much of being cold but being pleased. Gil’s hands reach the towel and he pushed it off Matt, it falling to the ground Gil grabbed Matt’s ass and pulled him closer, grinding his hard member on him.
Matt moaned opening his mouth slightly. Gil took advantage of this and pushed his tongue into Matt’s mouth. He tastes so sweet, like maple syrup. The albino probed around Matt’s mouth and continued to grind on Matt. He was rewarded with another moan when he softly bit Matt’s bottom lip.
Gil moaned slightly in response; the sound beautiful to Matt. Gil slowly moved forward never breaking or quickening the kiss. Matt’s heels hit the edge of his bed and he fell back Gil landing on top of Matt. The albino broke the kiss to move his lips down Matt’s body studying his body’s every line, curve, and birthmark. He stopped just short of Matt’s length.
He asked in a husky and breathless voice, “You won’t regret this right?”
“We barely know each other.”
“Doesn’t matter. I know enough to know I want this. I want us.”
Gil acknowledged the consent and takes Matt’s hard length into his mouth slowly. Slowly he moved his head up and down the man’s shaft.
“Gil.” Matt moaned and wrapped his hands into the others ash white hair and tugging slightly earning a moan from Gil.
“This may be uncomfortable and a bit painful. Got any lube?”
Matt blushes and responds quietly, “Bottom. Drawer. Hurry.”
Gil quickly gets it and pumps some onto his shaft but pulls Matt into a seated position and motions to his hard cock with his eyebrows. Matt blushes again but takes control and wraps his hand around the large cock and begins to stroke it slowly and flicks his tongue over the albino’s tip.
“Mmmmmmmm…. M-matt..” Gil moaned.
After all the lube was distributed Gil pushes Matt back on the bed and flips him so he is kneeling on the bed. “Damn.” He whispers as he takes the sight of Matt on his knees in front of him. Gil leaned over Matt and whispered in his ear “So sexy.” and nipped his ear before getting back up.
Matt moaned as Gil lined up his tip with his small entrance and pushed himself in slowly. He began to thrust slowly probing for Matt’s sweet spot.
Once he found it, Gil slammed into Matt repeatedly hitting the mark every time. This left Matt a moaning, groaning mess, gripping the sheets as he got closer to the climax. Gil bent over and wrapped his hands over Matt’s as they got closer together, Gil whispering dirty things in Matt’s ear and kissing his neck pushing him over the edge.
“Gil!” He screamed as he released himself all over the sheets. Gil thrusted a few more times before releasing himself into Matt, calling his name.
After tossing the sheets to the floor they fell asleep in each other’s arms sharing stories of their pasts.
But when Matt awoke the next morning the bed next to him was empty and a note was on the pillow:

Thanks. Last night was amazing, you are amazing.
Thanks for seeing the person behind the exterior.
Thanks for pulling me off that ledge.
Just thank you. And don’t worry we will meet again.
And next time you can stand under my umbrella.
Gil to you ;)

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The city sleeps quietly. As I suppose you do, too. I can't find no quiet or peace. Not like this. Not now. And not anymore, baby. Life taste like nothing without those days.

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Life is a bitch
Like most things in the world
It starts as a scratch
Then becomes a gaping wound

I hate this life I have been given
Most people say thats stupid
But its just my opinion
I hate everything and everyone except select few

Anime sleep and school
Those keep me sane
I was a complete fool
To think anything else could

Someone save me
Im drowning
In sorrow it buries me
Im suffocating

Love was once a thing
Now its a memory
Now just a sting
Whenever I remember.

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+Sebastian Michaelis thx squadie~!
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