I am not mod anymore... 😢

Wake up guys. This is our discussion turf! This is our plotting place! 

+Cameron Huff​ do you want to to a wwe 2k16 match sometime me vs you?

+Xxx_MKA W+The Boyhood Dream+Straightdayshun Smithsavage+R-Truth​ I just got banned again????????????

As I stated before there was a last post but I'm making yt raw before the ppv

This is the last post here for a while this page is currently down so this is the last post here for now goodbye

+Death×Clutch×Lazer [Brock]
+Cameron Huff

I apologise for not uploading yt raw or smackdown this wee but I had work and college so I will upload it this weekend where we will see 2 title matches me vs whoever I chose and a 6 man battle royal for the yt title since its been vacated

Since +John 2312 ¶¶​ is unbanned from apex community page which is great news it means Zeldon bros are unbanned I can't do anything on the apex page cause Apex is the leader but this is my page so they're auto banned like the mka accounts

Elimination chamber is uploaded
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