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Which of these games is better on wii U
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Mario maker
Pokken tournament
Super smash bros
Mario party 10

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Anyone thinking about getting super Mario maker, I know I am! :P I think the amiibo looks interesting :D I've pre ordered w/ the art book for £3 hopefully it'll be worth the money....

R.I.P Mr Iwata, I will miss you ;-;

Alright so here is the simple mod app, if you want to be mod, do it in mod application catergory and Post in a seperate post. Follow these questions and you might become a mod!

1. How you will benefit the community

2. Why you should be a mod

3. Why you want to be a mod

4. Are you someone i can trust?

5. Will you report people to me?

Follow these rules and you have the chance of being a mod! HOWEVER... do not Use your power for things that won't help Or abuse others with the power. And please do not Ban someone unless you tell me.

Here is a little FYI, Nintendo might be making splatoon for the DS/3DS :O
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