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idk why im posting this but, heres all my wolf ocs i've ever made... NOT COUNTING THE MANY DRAWN ONES

sorry felicity has a million things of art...

again sorry i love felicity...
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Since this is the OC hub, it doesn't matter on what kind of oc it is so thoughts on my new wolf oc Coal?

i basically just made him so his info doesn't excist yet lol

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Take note, and feel free to share
sorry if this is spam. I made a chart for making a good oc, sorry if i offend some people

                                   HOW TO MAKE A SIMPLE OC
Step one: Choose a species, If one of the main 4 types which are pegasis, unicorn, earth pony, and alicorn, i advise to use an earth pony
IF OTHER SPECIES: Make sure you have permission if needed, Then choose your looks etc
step two: COLORS; i would advise using lighter colors on a pony, but you could still use dark colors if wanted. Make note that the colors black and red should not be used in a very very dark tone together,
step three: you have chosen your colors and species decide how your mane and tail would look like, after that experiment with you mane and tail until you find the perfect look for your ponysona
Step four: you have reached the point to add your cutiemark and make your name, try to be creative in ways
Step five: Once you have your colors,species,main+tail, and name,gender, and cutiemark. Its your choice now to add accesories. I advise to use as little as possible, unless its in their everyday style.
Step six: now you need to add their details, Whats their backstory? how old are they? whats their job? BE CREATIVE ON THIS
Step seven: overview your ponysona or oc, make sure you try to add a watermark. Then go through and look for mistakes and fix them.
Step eight: When your done and everything is looking good, if you want too, post it to a G+ community or someWhere else that your aloud to post your oc/ponysona

I am so sorry if i offended anyone, i just felt like sharing this :D
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