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Hey folks
So it’s update time, time to let you know how the week panned out and what’s happening in VANGUARD.
So the KS funds arrived on Friday which is great (thank you all) and that means efforts have started in earnest with regard to production.
We have new art underway for a number of backer suggested gear pieces including an orbital assault suit and a heavy boarding shotgun, for those times when engaging your enemy from 1AU away just isn’t as much fun as meeting face to face.
Jes Shields has been given his first commission to bring the Felin (feline) species to life and Leesha Hannigan has started work on the next species environment piece which will be for the hoppolites and for the most exciting news of this update I’d like to introduce our latest addition to the art team Jerome Jacinto!
Jerome does a lot of Redwall fan art that is just mind blowing – I think you’ll agree, and we can’t be happier to have him onboard! He’s worked as an artist on computer games, most recently doing art for Armello and so all our characters are a perfect fit for his experienced skill set.
Backer rewards
Thanks to everyone who has responded to the backer reward surveys, I’m just waiting for the last replies to come in before ordering the t-shirts.
And once all the responses are in I’ll announced the added and expanded sections to the books that were part of the higher tier rewards.
The editing for Code Red on NIMBUS-6 has already been completed! So after a second round of layouts and a round robin of proof reading it will be ready to ship out. We’re cutting it fine but I’m still confident we can send it out by the end of the month.
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really like this art, it's great!
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Lisa W

Discussion  - 
Well, if anything, work post-KS has got even more intense. Tim has been revisiting the art for the module and the editing process has begun. Thank you, once again, for all your support through this process. We couldn't do it without you.
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VANGUARD Post-KS Funding
We’ve had a number of requests for further pre-orders and purchasing of t-shirts now that the KS is over so we’ve set up a megafounder listing.
We’re hoping while fulfilling the need for backers to up their interest and pre-orders it will also provide much needed additional funding for artwork, more miniature production and perhaps future books.
It is still a work in progress as it is almost as much work to establish as the original kickstarter site but we’ll keep working on it and it will provide a great portal for future product launches and pre-orders (including the miniatures).
Fund raising t-shirts
As part of our efforts to get more funds for art we’re offering a range of great t-shirts, here are just a few.
Those that were offered through the kickstarter will remain exclusive to the KS backers, however any of the designs not picked up from the KS will then be made available via the megafounder site.

Be sure to share it with your friends or networks if there are interested people.
Thanks again for all your support.
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+Wouter Wolput lol thanks Wouter 
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Code Red on NIMBUS-6 Remastered
While I'm waiting for the kickstarter funds to clear (another week and a half) to get the editor and artists working I'm polishing CR@N6 ready for all you lucky backers. Including a remastered version of +Jerry Ozbun s fantastic mashup.
I'm still looking to set up a post-KS support site - more on that soon.
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Indeed, +Jerry Ozbun and I both have had the previous version printed out at a print shop for conventions using miniatures. If you look at the pics I posted from the conventions you'll see the old map. This one is a low res version. When I send out the module I'll attach a high res version that will be more than adequate to get printed out at A1 size or bigger!
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VANAGUARD - the final countdown
Well, we're almost across the finish line! Fully funded and ready to go.
There's under 48hrs left in which to jump in and join in the fun!
We're inching towards our miniatures stretch goal which is very exciting and I've already got some of the art for the books on the way!
Be sure to share the link just in case your contacts need a reminder.
Stay tuned for more exciting developments.
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A celebratory posting.
This is the Byos-Rise DCB-1. In the colours of the most feared pirate hunters of the confederation the 1st Squadron 1st Attack wing out of Beredoon station (located in the heart of the Indris Belt), also known as the Shadow Hornets.
The DCB-1 is a two crew, hunter/fighter craft, capable of operating in space and atmosphere. While slower and less manoeuvrable than the cutterleaf fighter craft, it has optical camouflage and enhanced shielding making it all but invisible to scanners and optics.
The Shadow Hornets have the most confirmed pirate take-downs of any confederation squadron.
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Nice artwork, they do look very stealthy. 
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RPGnet Q&A Scheduled!
Want to ask all those questions about whether nutwerks love nutella but were afraid to ask? Well now you don't have an excuse!
Dan Davenport over at RPGnet has asked me to come over and get a grilling in one of his very open and informal Q&A sessions.
Everyone is invited so be sure to drop by and say hi
I'll be there
Monday 6th April 1:30-3:30pm CST (which is 8:30am +10GMT for me - plenty of time for a double dose of caffeine)
and again on
Wednesday 8th April 7-8pm CST
You can jump into the chat room at any time and there's no registration required
Hope to see you all there!
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Just updated the KS with the next video - another marathon day of video editing. Hope you enjoy it.
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Video killed the radio star - and almost me
Just a quick update for you all here. I've just had a solid 12hrs of video editing getting the combat playtest video sorted - and I'm still only half done - as I'm sure you're aware I'm no video producer ;) But hopefully it will be enough to give a good show of how combat works. I've got a part 2 to work on tomorrow but I'll post part 1 as soon as it's rendered (in another hour and a half).
I'd like to take the time to give a big shout of thanks to +Matt Rigby his son +Jacob Rigby and Luis who helped Rook and myself out in making the video - we couldn't have done it without you - cheers.
And also a great big thank you to +Kurt Patz, +Jerry Ozbun and +Marcus Anderson who have been telling everyone they can about VANGUARD RPG - thank you guys, very much appreciated.
And we're so close! It's great news and I'm really grateful to all of you who have contributed so far; and even increased your pledges!
I've got some more art on the way, including some more top secret starship designs, I let slip to +Matt Rigby the truth about the mysterious ship on the edges of the Ghost-light system and he literally looked at me agape! So I guess it is pretty surprising :)
While it's been an absolute 'mare trying to get these playtest videos done I'm really hoping I can get one more done this weekend showing a multi-ship battle - just because it would be awesome :)
But we've also got an artist update in the works, a write up on hacking and an overview of starships and droids - at least that's the plan if I can ever get back to using my computer for anything other than video renders o_O
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I'll wait patiently for it to finish ...
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Just posted UPDATE 17 for the Kickstarter and some very exciting news.
2 weeks left!
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Welcome to Vanguard RPG This is a sci-fi rpg for young gamers. Think Wind in the Willows meets Mass Effect. It is a story of adversity; ecological, political and personal - of friendships tested by social and cultural differences - and heroism against a seemingly unstoppable force. It is in development so any and all feedback is appreciated. Please follow the following community rules * This community is for discussion and topics concerning Vanguard RPG game settings * Please don't link to other groups or post non-game relevant material. * Be polite and respectful *About the author* Hi I'm Tim, I've been playing rpgs since I was 6 and that was some time ago now. From about the age of 8 I was world building, GMing campaigns that ran for years and playing in conventions. From there I started building new systems looking for that holy grail of great story tools, fast combat and immersive play. While I think I have found the answer to that in the FateStorm system and the settings I've so far published for that Vanguard is something different. Now that I'm a father I want to bring the magic and thrills of the games that I had as a child to my son and he is chomping at the bit to get his teeth into any rpg he can. But the nature and content of most rpgs are still above his security clearance and so I started work on something he could enjoy, and have as his own. That is Vanguard. While the system is already raring to go I'm trying to squeeze in the art inbetween other rpg and design projects. And, while the system is there, it's still raw and I think it can still be better, cleaner, simpler and easier to educate to the younger players. That is the current goal. With that in mind my son (who is 6 at the moment) has veto on much of the content, he is my Rosetta stone to ensuring it is squarely aimed at the target audience. So welcome, join in and if you're interested in game testing let me know. Cheers
Finally an update to let you all know how things are progressing.
KS Funds
First off – still waiting for the funds to clear kickstarter so much is still on hold, I think it’s another week but in the meantime we’re laying the ground work to hit the ground running once the funds are through.
Or Code red on NIMBUS-6 is well on schedule. Our lovely editor has kindly agreed to start work before the funds are in so that has been taking up much of our time over the past week.
While making alterations to the file, updating information and some of the artwork I’ve also been remastering the cover art.
We’ve got another edit pass to go, followed by a round of proof reading and then final layout and publication. At the rate we’re going we hope the module should be available in under a fortnight!
Book Art
We’ve also had our first commissioned pieces come in which is very exciting; .including, Leesha Hannigan’s vision of Tirrel, the nutwerk homeland of rolling fields and lush forests. We’re looking forward to more of Leesha’s art to come.
I’ve been in touch with a number of other artists and hopefully will have some very exciting news in the next week or two. And of course, once the funds clear we can get our art team working away – so much more to come.
There’s also been an update on the Letztenheim on the outskirts of the Ghost-light system, with a DCB-01 running a reconnaissance mission to take a closer look.
The strange ship out the front appears to be some sort of interceptor launched from the central ship of the Letztenheim – purpose unknown. But the gargantuan vessel still has not moved from its current location.
And don’t forget about the megafounder site!
Kickstarter surveys
Hopefully while I’m waiting for the final proof of Code Red on NIMBUS-6 I’ll be sending out the first Kickstarter surveys for those of you who opted for exclusive rewards to find out what you’d like to see added to the books. I’m looking forward to adding your vision to the game.
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Sounds good, all if it! Thank you for the update!
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Just a quick hello to let you all know that I've sent the revised edition of Code Red on NIMBUS-6 off to the editor this morning so we're well on schedule :)
Thought I'd show you Bragg's spread with all his playing cards
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We did it! VANGUARD unique miniatures are a go
This is so awesome. A lot of work going forward but so worth it. I'm looking forward to the day I can field a unit of mixed species space marines in G120 power armour with Styrax belt-rifles =D That is going to be a great day.
Another big thank you to everyone. It's just amazing.
And just keeps getting better and better.
The KS may be almost over, less than a day to go, but there's more art, more vehicles, more power armour, more gear, more species, just MORE.
Congratulations to us all.
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It really is, especially if we can get them so that you can tailor them to your character with various heads, weapons, tails etc Once the basic bodies are worked out the limbs and heads should be doable
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Lisa W

Discussion  - 
Tim is working on an update and will post later, but WE'VE REACHED OUR FIRST STRETCH GOAL. You are all amazing.
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Awesome! :D
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Taking Stock
As we creep closer to the first stretch goal I wanted to take the opportunity to look at what we’ve achieved above and beyond the core rules, the expanded rules and the first two modules; we’ve added
3 Species from the expanded rules elevated to the core rule book!
1 Entirely new species to be added to the expanded rules
1 Additional Legendary NPC
6 unique pieces of equipment, weapons or armour

That's all really exciting and I can't wait to see what our backers come up with to add to the game.
There are still 3 days to go, so anything could happen!
Just a reminder that I’ll be on the RPGnet Q&A chat from 1:30pm today, I worked it out wrong the other day and was actually 4hrs out – so it will actually be 4:30am in the morning here for me 0_0, if you get the chance stop on by! I'll be the one double typing my words from too much caffeine.
And while I haven't mentioned it on the KS I've begun work on a third module, which I'm hoping I can add as a free bonus to all the backers.
Hope everyone had a great Easter and with only 3 days left of the KS be sure to remind your networks that now is the time to leap on board!
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And then this just happened - We reached our funding goal!
I'm honestly speechless.
A huge thank you to all of you who have backed the game - and those of you who have been thinking about it but haven't yet - what do you have to loose?
I want to take the opportunity to thank Dale Blessing, Mechafox, Nat Ashcroft, Jerry Ozbun and Wouter Wolput who were not only extremely generous in their backing of the game but in their support.
This has been and continues to be a game inspired by my son, Rook - but made because of the amazing support this community has shown. We have done this together.
So congratulations to us all!
I haven't stopped yet, there is still more on the way. But for now I'm going to take five minutes and let my son know =D
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Thank you for letting us be backers.
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Uploading a couple of ship designs for the KS. Still working on some more and hopefully I'll have the time to do a ship combat How-to video.
Let me know what you think.
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Tim Westhaven (Narrative artist)

Game play summaries  - 
VANGUARD RPG How-to video: Combat Part 1
Whoohoo! after almost 5hrs of rendering and uploading it's done - at least part 1 is done :)
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VANGUARD Update 18 is live!
And we even do a bit of a Firefly crossover!?!
But it's more of an overview of the seven attributes that form the basis for the VANGUARD system and cover attributes not only for characters but vehicles, aliens, droids, mechs and starships!
Be sure to check it out - and don't forget to remind your friends - we're 70% funded and 13 days to go! Go Team!
Tim Westhaven is raising funds for Vanguard - Varmisk Fallen on Kickstarter! Sci-fi adventure RPG for all ages: At the beginning of a galactic war, a new breed of adventurers forge their own legends.
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+Wouter Wolput thanks, hopefully we can get the play video up this weekend :)
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Kae and Angela over at Initiative Tabletop were kind enough to post a write up of VANGUARD. Thanks to them and be sure to check out IT!
Check out this kid-friendly sci-fi RPG system in the works now on Kickstarter by Broken Tower Productions!
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