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New art in this week and t-shirts going out this week!
KS update has just gone out with all the details.
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+Dale B  They are great quality aren't they :) Thanks for letting me know they arrived and I'm really happy you like them so much. I'll probably put up two new designs this week on megafounder.
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In other news
I mentioned this in the KS update as well. With some great feedback and a lot of time we've done some redesign on the icons and symbols used to try to make them clearer and more consistent with the game. This led to a slow down in production as much of what had already been designed (such as the gear cards) had to be reworked. But now that that's out of the way we're hoping for smooth sailing.
And having said that we've still managed to find time to lay out more chapters! Here are a few spreads from character generation and gear
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Really liking it! :D
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Princess Pickleseed
Athea Pickleseed is the last of the royal line to the lands of Belshandale, one of the islands in the Oris archipelago west of Rushkah. Two generations ago her family were forced to flee into exile when the Molen forces of Rushkah annexed Belshandale.
Fleeing with little more than the clothes on their backs the royal family relied on the goodwill of mausers in Herth and Nansk but soon they were little more than well mannered refugees.
Athea was fortunate enough to have a trust fund that had been set aside for her to attend the esper collegium in Elebrue in Herth. It was only because of this that after her grandparents and parents died, she had somewhere to live.
A gifted esper Athea had little interest in her studies and much more on revenge. She attended enough classes to maintain her place in the collegium but the rest of her time was spent undermining the Molen socialist society. Not being a natural leader, she became a solitary thorn in the MSS's side, carrying out daring raids on members of the ruling council, sabotaging molen facilities and working to inflame racial tensions between mausers and molen inside Rushkah.
She has became extremely wealthy through theft of MSS secrets and wealthy molen citizen's treasures (Athea has a great love of gems and art objects) but most of her wealth is kept safe and secret and used only in her pursuit of revenge.
Known as the night strawberry, she leaves a single night strawberry as her calling card after a job, the night strawberry being found only in the isles of Oris. These resilient fruits will taste sour if harvested during the day, but those harvested during the night have a delicate rich taste renown throughout Ashen.
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+Tim Westhaven I look forward to see more characters like her. She makes a very interesting to play pre-gen character.
Nice work!
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Pretador MAUL: Berserker Mk.III
Thought I'd post a pic of a vulpine for a change. This is Marien Klaurnic a well known MAUL pilot and mercenary who has worked for pretador, reptile and varmint alike.
Marien pilots the now out-of-production Mk.III Berserker; the most manufactured MAUL ever produced. Despite a high degree of manoeuvrability and interchangeable options, the Berserker range fell into disfavour due to a number of design flaws.
Marien's Mk.III shown here 'Green demon', is fitted with turbine jump jets and carries a Hurlk MAUL pistol.
The Berserker MAUL is still a favourite amongst pretador mercenaries and pirates as it is easy to maintain and there are plenty of spare parts available. The lack of protection for the pilot is offset by the fact that the pilot is still able to wear personal armour when piloting the Berserker (including some power armour).
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I get the similarity to the Motoslaves from BGC, and though I've seen some Robotech, I haven't seen the one with the Cyclones apparently.  It's also similar to the patlabors and other similar toys. :)
Either way, the movement replicating and almost worn version of robotic enhancement is somewhat common in sci-fi, and easily understandable. It's too small to be a vehicle or have some kind of cockpit. Also, it's too large to allow the user to be inside like it's a suit of armor, even if for no other reason that the limb lengths and joint placements that would be needed to accommodate the pilot would make the suit/mecha inefficient if not out right useless. In some cases, to try it would result in mangling the limbs of the user, and that's never a good idea. 
Although on the one shown, I can easily see someone desperately welding protective plates onto it in an attempt to give the user some additional protection, though it might make getting in/out a bit of a pain. 
And of course, beware of snipers taking aim for a called shot.  ;)
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Species overview
Just a composite of some species cards to give an idea of the modifiers and talents allotted to each. (Drago hasn't been formatted yet ;)
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+Felip Moral Thanks for the question Felip. These cards are presented in the books themselves. The idea is that you can copy them and have a copy for each player to refer to during the game. And if you don't want to replicate them for the players they can just be referred to when you need them.
Once the books are out I will put together a player's deck (species, vocations, talents, assets) and a gear deck (equipment, armour, weapons, cytech, etc) for those who wish to have the cards printed.
Thanks for your interest
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+Jerry Ozbun pointed out something to me regarding the map for CRoN6 so I took the opportunity to update it with a proper representation of Ashen and added quick reference for hacking and a scale bar to make it easier to print to scale.
I've updated the module and play-pack to reflect these changes and you'll receive another link so you can update your files.
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That looks amazing Tim! :D
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For those of you receiving the Code Red on NIMBUS-6 play-pack, I've just posted a new update correcting a typo or two. The updated file link should be sent to you via RPGNow. If you don't receive an update link please let me know.

Backer rewards
We've already got a number of backer rewards; content and creations, underway and I'm looking forward to sharing a number of them with you soon.

Species upgrades
I'm sure many of you will be thrilled to hear that the vulpine are seeing a lot of love. Clearly close to the heart of many of you, these wily characters are the pretador equivalent of the mausers; working at all levels of society and even crossing species alliances to become some of the most influential movers and shakers of the VANGUARD setting.
So the vulpine are to be included in the core rules and will also be detailed in the expanded rules with a range of unique talents.

Also AlphaEngineer, one of our largest backers, as his reward, has chosen to add otters to the expanded species list. A great choice and one which will give a lot of interesting options.

To finish up here is a new piece of art; pretador pirates breaching a Confederation ship. The vulpine to the left is wielding one of our backer chosen gear pieces the Blessing breaching shotgun. Just wait till you get a read of this versatile weapon - it's the sort of weapon that soldiers (and pirates) nickname ;)
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+Richie Worden Good question Richie, I haven't the foggiest, so I'm deleting all of them and posting the latest only. Sorry, I presumed RPGNow would do the same. I'll suggest it to them, or at least they could add a date stamp. :) 
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Hey folks
So it’s update time, time to let you know how the week panned out and what’s happening in VANGUARD.
So the KS funds arrived on Friday which is great (thank you all) and that means efforts have started in earnest with regard to production.
We have new art underway for a number of backer suggested gear pieces including an orbital assault suit and a heavy boarding shotgun, for those times when engaging your enemy from 1AU away just isn’t as much fun as meeting face to face.
Jes Shields has been given his first commission to bring the Felin (feline) species to life and Leesha Hannigan has started work on the next species environment piece which will be for the hoppolites and for the most exciting news of this update I’d like to introduce our latest addition to the art team Jerome Jacinto!
Jerome does a lot of Redwall fan art that is just mind blowing – I think you’ll agree, and we can’t be happier to have him onboard! He’s worked as an artist on computer games, most recently doing art for Armello and so all our characters are a perfect fit for his experienced skill set.
Backer rewards
Thanks to everyone who has responded to the backer reward surveys, I’m just waiting for the last replies to come in before ordering the t-shirts.
And once all the responses are in I’ll announced the added and expanded sections to the books that were part of the higher tier rewards.
The editing for Code Red on NIMBUS-6 has already been completed! So after a second round of layouts and a round robin of proof reading it will be ready to ship out. We’re cutting it fine but I’m still confident we can send it out by the end of the month.
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really like this art, it's great!
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Lisa W

Discussion  - 
Well, if anything, work post-KS has got even more intense. Tim has been revisiting the art for the module and the editing process has begun. Thank you, once again, for all your support through this process. We couldn't do it without you.
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VANGUARD Post-KS Funding
We’ve had a number of requests for further pre-orders and purchasing of t-shirts now that the KS is over so we’ve set up a megafounder listing.
We’re hoping while fulfilling the need for backers to up their interest and pre-orders it will also provide much needed additional funding for artwork, more miniature production and perhaps future books.
It is still a work in progress as it is almost as much work to establish as the original kickstarter site but we’ll keep working on it and it will provide a great portal for future product launches and pre-orders (including the miniatures).
Fund raising t-shirts
As part of our efforts to get more funds for art we’re offering a range of great t-shirts, here are just a few.
Those that were offered through the kickstarter will remain exclusive to the KS backers, however any of the designs not picked up from the KS will then be made available via the megafounder site.

Be sure to share it with your friends or networks if there are interested people.
Thanks again for all your support.
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+Wouter Wolput lol thanks Wouter 
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Welcome to Vanguard RPG This is a sci-fi rpg for young gamers. Think Wind in the Willows meets Mass Effect. It is a story of adversity; ecological, political and personal - of friendships tested by social and cultural differences - and heroism against a seemingly unstoppable force. It is in development so any and all feedback is appreciated. Please follow the following community rules * This community is for discussion and topics concerning Vanguard RPG game settings * Please don't link to other groups or post non-game relevant material. * Be polite and respectful *About the author* Hi I'm Tim, I've been playing rpgs since I was 6 and that was some time ago now. From about the age of 8 I was world building, GMing campaigns that ran for years and playing in conventions. From there I started building new systems looking for that holy grail of great story tools, fast combat and immersive play. While I think I have found the answer to that in the FateStorm system and the settings I've so far published for that Vanguard is something different. Now that I'm a father I want to bring the magic and thrills of the games that I had as a child to my son and he is chomping at the bit to get his teeth into any rpg he can. But the nature and content of most rpgs are still above his security clearance and so I started work on something he could enjoy, and have as his own. That is Vanguard. While the system is already raring to go I'm trying to squeeze in the art inbetween other rpg and design projects. And, while the system is there, it's still raw and I think it can still be better, cleaner, simpler and easier to educate to the younger players. That is the current goal. With that in mind my son (who is 6 at the moment) has veto on much of the content, he is my Rosetta stone to ensuring it is squarely aimed at the target audience. So welcome, join in and if you're interested in game testing let me know. Cheers
For those of you not on the KS mailing list, I just posted a long update stuffed to the cheeks with art so here are some highlights.
Leesha Hannigan finished another gorgeous environment for us, this time the hoppolite homeland of Herth, showing the gardens of the esper collegium in Elebrue.

We’ve also got a backer reward, the JWE ‘Thorn’ class Blockade Runner. These fast medium sized ships were the staple of the badgerian fleet at a time when the Confederation was still in its infancy and the badgerians were hedging their bets. While the solidification of the Confederation saw newer vessels supersede the Thorn they remained a favourite of free-paw merchants, smugglers, pirates and slavers. The original MkI was fitted with, a then, state of the art stealth system, including a ghost transponder. Despite these systems showing a tendency for malfunction, MkI Thorn vessels are still highly sought after as later models weren’t fitted with the stealth system.
Bristling with weapons the Thorn has two 66W ‘Devil’ particle accelerator cannons for clearing a path ahead of the ship, two hard-point turrets normally fitted with coaxial 3S-5000 lasers, two anti-missile lasers, two missile bays holding an assortment of ship-to-ship ordnance and finally a rear sand caster or ice caster to disrupt pursuit and trailing missiles.

And we've got some reptile power armour, xixadan, so watch out!
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The artwork is sublime! The book is going to look wonderful if you keep this up.
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Update time!
Posting this once more as Google appears to have eaten my post! Bad! Bad Google!
Editing, layout and proofing continue and it’s great to see it all coming together.
One piece of rule news is for the core rule book. Up until this week it was the case that the core rule book was going to have badgerians, hoppolites, mausers, molen, nutwerk and vulpine. Each of these core species would have a species description and the species player card, which would have the species modifier and talent on it. And that is still the case, however, in the expanded rules there was going to be further information on these core species regarding their history and cultures and additional species talents.
But as of this week all this information will be included in the core rule book!
Our art team is still on the go so there’s always more to show =D
This week we have the SKY-WARDEN, orbital assault suit. This is one of our backer created concept pieces of gear and it’s a beauty. This power armour is supplied with a detachable flight frame; allowing for unassisted space flight at speeds sufficient to engage starships. It also supports secondary armament in the form of midge missiles to see off enemy fighter craft and damage larger vessels enough to penetrate their hull and assault.
Shown here in the colours of the Falling-Suns commando squad, it is shown carrying the 88i heavy energy cannon from TRAS industries.
We’ve also got a molen ‘roid jockey with a seismic disruption mallet for cracking open those pesky asteroids with ease.
I’m hoping that very shortly I might be able to share some proofs of the cover with you all – very exciting stuff!
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+Jerry Ozbun It's going to be great fun to wear as well :) And if worst comes to worst it has a built in ODS and microshute; just in case you find yourself in freefall through atmo'
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I found a bag of reasonably priced plastic colored beads to use for powercitte tokens.
They are a bit small, but still big enough to use I think, and easy to grab due to their thickness. The star shape is a bonus. 
I included a pen and a cent coin for size comparison. 
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Thanks :)
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Update time again, this one is going to be short, just a few notices.
First t-shirt order is in, I’ll keep you updated as to when they arrive and are shipped.
First edited chapters should be in this week ready for layout which is great news
Our artists are going ahead at a pace so more to follow
This week we have the latest piece from James Shields, an Ottah (Otter) commando/partisan
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Time for a great update!
More chapters went off to the editor this week!

The first order of t-shirts will be sent off this week, which is great news. In addition I’m adding a new design to the megafounder options, to replace those that were exclusive to the kickstarter and will be removed.

Backer rewards
A number of the engineer backer rewards have been finalised (although there are a few left to complete) and as a number of them are weapons I’m happy to show you the array of weapons that will be available in the expanded rules. This list includes a number of our backer created concepts.
First the g8-50 ‘Blessing’ breaching shotgun, which I’ve already mentioned; the BRK3 ‘Rusty’ Static trauma gun and the RAW-08 ‘the Rook’ assault weapon. In addition there is the Crystal princess, sniper rifle; The t-54 ‘Slayer’ (which also comes in snub version) and the 88i heavy energy cannon.
The g8-50 and the 88i are specifically designed for use by Confederation powered armour units. While the Crystal princess, the Guerka and ‘the Rook’ have all come onto the market via an unknown manufacturer, but are quickly becoming favourites of mercs and special forces throughout the known galaxy.
All of the weapons and gear listed in the expanded rules will not only be fully detailed but will also have their own ‘talents’; such as the g8-50 having an option of a ‘double-tap’ and higher armour penetration at close range.
In the next update we’re looking forward to showing off another backer reward —the orbital assault suit! So stay tuned.

Finally the art team are working away and we’re seeing some great stuff to share in the future. For now I’ll leave you with one of James Shields recent pieces; the Felin.
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+Robert Rosenthal Grok are a particularly voracious alien life form. Their hardy constitution and the fact that they can be trained has meant that they have been captured and bred to act as guard and attack animals (a particular favourite among pretadors). 
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CRoN6 up on RPGNow
As I've had a couple of requests for additional copies and further orders I've made the play-pack available on DriveThru and RPGNow.
more to follow.
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Used one of the Vanguard pics, just added some text to make the point. 
Only posting it here on the Vanguard stuff for us fans to giggle at as I don't have rights to the pic in the slightest. I hope that's ok.
(If not, let me know and I'll delete it.)
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Lol - very nice Robert :)
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Ran across some typos. Not sure about real errors, after all, I don't know the system yet. ;)
Should we send those in, and if so, where?
One of them is on page 9 under Movement where it says "and is compared to the DC table (pg6)".
The table appears to be on page 7 instead, as page 6 is the glossary of terms and abbreviations. 
The others I spotted were just misspelled words, like "witin" instead of "within".
By the way, so far it looks great. :)
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Thanks Rob. I think I got that one. Any other finds please let me know.
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Well the play-pack for Code Red on NIMBUS-6 was sent out via email a little while ago!
So to all of you who backed a reward with the play-pack in it - enjoy =D
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Finally an update to let you all know how things are progressing.
KS Funds
First off – still waiting for the funds to clear kickstarter so much is still on hold, I think it’s another week but in the meantime we’re laying the ground work to hit the ground running once the funds are through.
Or Code red on NIMBUS-6 is well on schedule. Our lovely editor has kindly agreed to start work before the funds are in so that has been taking up much of our time over the past week.
While making alterations to the file, updating information and some of the artwork I’ve also been remastering the cover art.
We’ve got another edit pass to go, followed by a round of proof reading and then final layout and publication. At the rate we’re going we hope the module should be available in under a fortnight!
Book Art
We’ve also had our first commissioned pieces come in which is very exciting; .including, Leesha Hannigan’s vision of Tirrel, the nutwerk homeland of rolling fields and lush forests. We’re looking forward to more of Leesha’s art to come.
I’ve been in touch with a number of other artists and hopefully will have some very exciting news in the next week or two. And of course, once the funds clear we can get our art team working away – so much more to come.
There’s also been an update on the Letztenheim on the outskirts of the Ghost-light system, with a DCB-01 running a reconnaissance mission to take a closer look.
The strange ship out the front appears to be some sort of interceptor launched from the central ship of the Letztenheim – purpose unknown. But the gargantuan vessel still has not moved from its current location.
And don’t forget about the megafounder site!
Kickstarter surveys
Hopefully while I’m waiting for the final proof of Code Red on NIMBUS-6 I’ll be sending out the first Kickstarter surveys for those of you who opted for exclusive rewards to find out what you’d like to see added to the books. I’m looking forward to adding your vision to the game.
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Sounds good, all if it! Thank you for the update!
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