I really like this app.  Great work.  I am having an issue with it right now though.

When I hold down on an item to bring up the text options (select all, copy, cut), the app crashes.

Also, do you plan to add the ability to order items on the list?

Just pushed the latest beta, this time completely functional (or at least, should be completely functional) with Android Wear. If all goes well, this release will be the made as the public release so any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

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L.ist 2.0 will introduce support for multiple lists, so the focus of testing should be done on having multiple lists, testing location geofences for those lists, and deleting those lists.  

DO NOT TEST DONATIONS! They are live and have already been tested. Unless you actually want to donate. Then ok, you can "test" donations.

Also, to those of you who use this on Wear, Wear support has not been updated yet, so THIS BETA WILL MORE THAN LIKELY BREAK WEAR SUPPORT. I will eventually update the Wear app for this beta but until then be prepared to lose functionality on the Wearable companion app.  

Any questions or concerns or bugs, you can either email us at nasahapps@gmail.com or just post it here in this community.  

Bonus points to those testing on Android 4.0.x! That's the only version of Android we haven't been able to test on.

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