Hello! Anyone else having problems with presets that need to swipe through it's pages? I'm on the latest beta.

Buenas! Alguien más tiene problemas con los Presets en los que se necesita deslizar por sus páginas? Estoy usando la última beta

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+Frank Monza the info being read from the fit app is not reporting correctly. In the screenshot you will see on the outer progress the dot is reporting the 1153 but the progress is showing 867 which is what the app shows. They are both fd(cals)


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+Frank Monza Do you have any idea when the touch issue when a komp or stack/ overlap is rotated will see a fix..(touch keeps its original position on rotation, it does not follow the item assigned).editor screen shows all assigned touches working correctly..touch does not work on landscape now..also note the lack of rotation on my actual screen..Samsung appear to have added a nasty update that stops rotation of LWP's..
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Lets say I have a 3 page set up. Can anyone tell me why one of the 3 pages is very dim ? Almost like there is a full screen translucent white overlay. Doesnt happen on all presets . Thanks in advance

KLWP today's update make the app almost unusable. It doesn't recognize any touch and after saving the preset on the editor it doesn't change on the screen. Please, fix this.

I have a problem with the latest update ...
All my Links (http or https) that where opened fine before update now they don't work.
Is this a known bug ?

Can anyone provide the apk of the previous version to use until is fixed.

I think KLWP doesn't handle fonts properly.I load a font and it's really not the same as that font being loaded on another app or on a computer. Is this a bug? The font I tried to use is Product Sans.

After months of stability with klwp I'm afraid for me it has become unusable.
I'm on the Beta v3. 37b and below are my issues.
1. Very often Edit mode behaves as expected but after saving randomly and frequently certain items either are totally missing or become very faint and or slightly transparent.
A reboot sometimes fixes this but not often.
However after editing the preset the problem reoccurs.
2. All Saving now takes significantly longer

The above problems or similar were experienced a year ago or so but were fixed.

I'm wondering who else might be having these issues.

Lastly could someone please supply a link to the historical apk files as I am forced to go back to something like 2.27 I think)

Thanks in advance and apologies for the negative post but this is my current experience with KLWP

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I've created a bug report for +Frank Monza regarding latest problem all of us are having with animations. I think I stripped down the issue enough to help him fix this. If anyone else can contribute with some examples or other ways to reproduce it, I guess it would be helpful.
Here, voted it up guys: https://help.kustom.rocks/i1748-fade-animations-don-t-execut-correctly-when-global-is-on-upon-saving

Hi, I've run into a problem with a button supposed to open an URL upon touching (to open a news). Since the last update (from the PlayStore), it's dead. The button is not in the Nova dock area and I checked the URL which is valid. I have other touch actions on calendar events (open URL-> intent:...) that work as expected. Any help will be much appreciated.
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