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No beta!
*Kustom 3.37 out* in staged rollout

In the future release updates will be communicated through or check that out to avoid missing anything :)

### Changes:
- New Icon and Logo thanks to Max Patchs! [Details](
- Kustom Notification is here! Check it out in the app settings (Android M or newer only!)
- Google denied SMS and CALLS support, unread counters are notification based. [Details](
- New acos and asin functions in mu()
- New right triangle shape
- Added Hebrew to the language list
- Added support for Hyperion Launcher in KLWP
- Fix weather Komponents ignoring nightico global
- Fix manual location lookup not working on some device
- Fix font icon module cutting some icon out
- Fix text globals with formulas not updating when used in text
- Fix auto fit width not working when text was too long and wrapping
- Using https now if protocol is not provided in webget

## Important
If you find crashes on beta or stable create a bug report as described at then send it to explaining how to reproduce the issue. If you can create a small preset to help understanding the issue also include that. Thanks!

### Manual download:
- Weather Plugin
- Unread Plugin
- APK Maker

### Support:
- Feature requests:
- Bug reports:

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I have a most likely stupid question. is it possible to create a customized navigation bar in Klwp? That actually functions like the stock navigation bar.

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I've created a bug report for +Frank Monza regarding latest problem all of us are having with animations. I think I stripped down the issue enough to help him fix this. If anyone else can contribute with some examples or other ways to reproduce it, I guess it would be helpful.
Here, voted it up guys:

Can someone please help me with what I need to do to get map komponents to work? The map is just blank when I apply it.

Why can I not get kntf to work via klck? It's fine with lwp, but can't make a 2nd.

Yesterday I had a strange behaviour with Showing a custom Weathericon in my Widget. For the Day it showed me the Unknown symbol, for the Night it correctly showed an Icon for me.

I switched to different weather icon packs and still had the same. Maybe their Formular is outdated to represent all available conditions? Is there an Update for it, so i can update my Own komponent?

Is there a way to blur the wallpaper in KLCK without setting a wallpaper for KLCK?

I'm currently using multiple wallpapers, and if I set a new one in KLCK it wouldn't be the same as in my homescreen

Is there an easy way to browse the billion presets without taking 30seconds to load each one?

Or an easy way to look at the last modified date/time on each one?

I've been working on a single preset in KLWP... I export everyday.

Now I've got (honestly) 150+ files all with extremely similar names.

and somewhere, ONE of them has a major breakthrough I had...

and it isn't visible in the preview image.

and it is a toggle-able item...

and it isn't top level... is buried...

I was thinking I could load the directory on my PC and use some text editor to scan the files for the edit... but I can't even remember exactly what it was! Something with colors.... :P

Hello people,
Is there a way to debug the broadcasted variables sent to KWGT? Im not sure whether KWGT is lagging and only updating every 2 seconds.

Im using Tasker to broadcast variables to KWGT and the variables sent (if changed) occur every 0.25 second.

Although Tasker sends every 0.25 sec. KWGT is updating every 2 sec. Tasker is formatting and compiling the variable value so that KWGT only needs to grab the variable and is assigned using br()

I will be testing lightning launcher to see if its the culprit but would like to know if this is an update limitation/ throttle

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So I decided to make a theme for just myself and I wanted to make things easier on me. I took things from another preset I CREATED and put it in this one. I never had a problem with being able to do so. Now only a few things show up. Wtf is going on with this update?
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