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Hi there
No bulling
No bad words
Warrior cats is aloud
No mating (unless you ask permission)

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I got a new warrior cats community, in this community to many people are joining cat clan, so yea. This community was born!

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Join my community almost like this!
I don't know if you like the idea of different animals but it's like warrior cats but with different animals! People needed!


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This place is so quite can you guys invite some peeps to keep loud and proud?

Ref. Sheet for Beestar

| Kit Name |

| Apprentice Name |

| Warrior Name |

| Deputy Name |

| Leader Name |

| Gender |

| Mentor: |

| Description |
Beestar is a golden tom with black tabby markings and a black tail

| Clan |

| Rank |

| Personality |
Brave, confident, loyal, loving (I will edit this post in a little bit when my brain decides to work)

| Mother |

| Father |

| Brother(s) |
Unnamed kits

| Sister(s) |
Unnamed kits

| Mate(s) |

| Son(s) |
Unnamed kit (golden tabby), Mudstripe (brown tabby), Caveshadow (black-n-white), Graypelt (gray tabby)

| Daughter(s) |
Goldenleaf (golden tabby), Rabbittail (brown tabby), Cloversong (tortoiseshell), Foxspirit (dark ginger), Flamecloud (ginger)


I think I just found the new kit machine! No more Ferncloud! XD

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Name: Snowflake
Age: Unknown, she looks like a kit. But she isn't,
Hobby: climbing trees
Looks: (picture)
Rank: Warrior Loner
Description: (Read the description on the picture! LOL)
Family: They are lost.. She doesn't know where they are.
Secret: She is part Snow leopard. (Her father is a snow leopard, and her mother was a kittypet)

I'm making Allegiances and attributes for the two Clans that I own, so here's that stuff for StoneClan. I have to keep myself organized sometimes.


| Leader |
Beestar, +Grace Romine

| Deputy |
Bonepelt, +MistGoes Meow!

| Medicine Cat |
Sandflame, +Grace Romine

| Medicine Cat Apprentice |
Lightningtail, +Grace Romine

| Warriors |
Silverfeather, +Grace Romine
Tigerleap, +Grace Romine
Dapplefur, +Grace Romine
Swiftstorm, +Grace Romine
Crystal, +pixie pixels

| Apprentices |
(not excepting at the moment)

| Queens |
Firefur, +Grace Romine

| Elders |



StoneClan cats aren’t actually known for the caves they live in, they are known for their pads, that are tough like stone. When StoneClan get into battles with their neighbors, LakeClan, they lead them into the tunnels. LakeClan, not being used to the dark, don’t know where their enemies are attacking, so StoneClan uses that as an advantage. The caves also have rough floors, and LakeClan cut their soft pads on the sharp rocks.

StoneClan’s camp isn’t reinforced, but, being just like the caves in their territory, is safe when it comes to a raid on their camp.


I'll be editing this post a lot, so yeah.
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