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This image is the earliest known image of Jesus Christ, from the Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt. This painting of Jesus is older than the image of the black Jesus Christ in the Church of Rome which is from the 6th century.

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To his last breath, he wasn't lying...

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As the terror on Black folks continue, what is the proper response?

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the situation.


Should we team up with the LBGT community?

Is the Jewish community an ally?

Tune into Blackistand Radio and let's Build & Connect!

call in # 347-989-8767, also chat-room will be open! (set reminder/subscribe to show)

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Drop All Baltimore Drug Charges Following Video of Multiple Cops Planting Evidence

Target: Marilyn Mosby, State's Attorney for Baltimore City

"Twice in the past two weeks, body cam footage has emerged to show Baltimore police officers planting drugs in order to frame people of color for a crime.

Though each of those charges was subsequently dropped, it's becoming apparent that this problem is systemic rather than isolated. How can the public and the courts trust that any of the charges are legitimate at this point, particularly after the Department of Justice found the city's police to be woefully discriminatory and disinterested in fixing its problems?

That's why we're calling on Marilyn Mosby to drop all ongoing drug charges in the city, due to the lack of credibility from Baltimore PD. Not only is the war on drugs pretty racist/classist anyway, but the department must demonstrate it can be honest and fair in dealing with the community before it can send people to jail on the value of an officer's word.

Dropping all drug charges puts pressure on the police to improve their behavior and practices if they want any of their charges to stick in the future."

Click for details and please SIGN and share petition asking Ms. Mosby to put the pressure on the Baltimore police to more seriously address these alarming problems once and for all.

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There are intermittent periods when I have to use an unorthodox method of greeting someone but it yields an astounding effect.

Yesterday was one of those moments.

While attending one of a few upcoming Atlanta Marcus Garvey Day Celebrations at a park, I was introduced to a brother whose face I'd seen often but didn't know his name.

As he extended his hands to shake mine, I paused, looked briefly towards the sky in thought, and repeated his name in a question form. He affirmed, yes, that was his name. I glanced at him, nodded once, and semi-whispered to him...
'the rumor in the streets is that you beat women'.

He swallowed, took one step backwards,sighed, and found his mouth regurgitating the words[ almost hypnotically]: "I wouldn't do that".

I looked at him again and walked away.

At various times while making my rounds around the park, I would glance on the other side of the field and he would be staring at me.

I'll see him again and will have conversation with him but won't broach that subject again.

His demeanor from this point on will determine the nature of our friendship and if he has any qualities worthy of my respect.

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Some think Black Nationalists are 'all over the place'...
They just have a history of leaving no stones un-turned.

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Bail bond is a crime.

Powerful video from Brave New Films.
(10 mins.)

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Black Nationalists and Black Nationalism needs no defending. Serious examinations of their narrative and record is more than adequate verification.

And then, there is Carlos Cooks, who took African Awareness to heights, even his mentor, Marcus Garvey would have envied.

Carlos Cooks (1913-1966) was the unfamiliar, unheralded and unsung Afro-Centrist luminary who stimulated a sense of joy and delight in being our natural black selves.

If there is an African Axiom or Proverb for one who has found a Master Preceptor and Teacher, for me; it is the reading about the life of this Afro-Erudite, Confidence-Building, Conscious Combatant, Self-less, African Centered, Secularist named Carlos Cooks.

While reading this book and grasping the sheer brilliance, composure and bravery exhibited throughout his brief and fulfilling life. I repeatedly shook my head, asking why hadn't I been born 25 yrs earlier. My childhood years were spent in Harlem.

Thus, given my background and everything being equal; there is little doubt I would have been a proud and active member of Carlos Cook's organization, The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement (ANPM).

Update from good and credible sources:
There is someone I know who knows someone who is closely associated with the Cooks family and legacy.

Nothing would please me better than to know that my history and connection to this great icon has not ended with me reading the final chapter of the only signature book chronicling his heritage.

So... Best believe I'm going to do serious Afro-research to confirm.
...and If it turn out to be true, it would be a stellar moment in my life as a servant of promoting African majesty-as was the life of Carlos Cooks.
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