Can I be Sauron?

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Name: Wintresse

Age: I look 12 but I'm 150!

Gender: Female, duh.

Race: Elf

Loyalty: I have trust issues but I'll be loyal to those who are on the good side.

Hair Color: Bluish-whitish

Eye Color: Dark Purple

Home: The forest

Weapon: Do my powers count?

Armour: Nope.

Bride or Groom: EW WAIT WHAT?! I'M A KID!

Children: Nope. Obviously.

Occupation: cough I'm a kid. cough Looking for my Nana.

Skills: I'm pretty agile and I'm great at hiding.

Personality: Shy and Mysterious (I'm wary of strangers), Curious, Adventurous, Kind, Bubbly

Traits: I've got Ice powers, Soundwave powers and my voice.

Bio: I never knew my parents. Instead, I was raised by my Nana. When I turned 139, I found an old diary in the gardens, so I decided to bring it home. I decided that I would keep it and give it to my Nana when her birthday came(which was a month away). After awhile, curiosity overcame me and I opened the book, however, the minute I opened it, a flash of light shot out from the pages! Shocked and scared, I closed the book and hid it. Time passed and I gradually forgot about the diary. Until one day, orcs invaded Rivendell. Frightened, I grabbed a sword that lay nearby, but when I touched it, it froze! Spooked by what I'd just done, I ran into the woods, destroying everything in her path(accidentally) with my soundwave powers. When everything was over, my Nana ran into the woods to find me. I was curled up and crying in a cave. After my Nana calmed me down, she told me what happened to my parents and what my powers were all about. Her parents disappeared one day and left me and their diary with my Nana, there was no note or instructions as what would happen next. The only thing that determined my future was a entry on the last page, a prophecy that foretold when I turned 139, I would come of age receive her powers. Now that I knew what happened, I followed my Nana home and lived my life as usual. Till a few years ago, my Nana disappeared, leaving only her snowflake locket. Without my Nana, I was worried that others might capture me because of my powers, so I decided to stay up in the treetops, taking only my Nana's snowflake locket and my parent's diary. A few days after I'd left Rivendell, my Nana's locket opened and my ice powers started freezing and creating things on their own. They created a animal - an albino elk. The elk started to follow me around i decided to let him accompany me. The diary started to write an entry, but it was in a language I'd never seen before. I've lived in the forest ever since along with Noldeo, the elk. 

1st pic) Noldeo!!
2nd pic) Me!!
3rd pic) My Nana's snowflake locket
4th pic) My parent's diary
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It'd be nice if everyone who joined would create a profile, until that happens the six people who have created profiles are going to be pretty bored.

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Belaleth and her small group of guards headed out of Lothlórien, prepared for a long night of patrols. The troop was a mix of Rangers and Elves, though the latter strongly outnumbered the former. Belaleth went out on her own, but not before much hesitance from the others. After assuring them she would be fine for a long while, they agreed, but only because of her seniority.

Belaleth had just finished a quick run, when she decided a break was in her favor. She settles against a tree, gazing up at the stars through the treetops. She though of her mother, a now healed scar that still painfully burned, and her father, Belar, a new, fresh wound.

It was almost time to head back, and she was just pulling up her hood, when...

(When people like your post, but don't ask to roleplay.)

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Profile Template:
Name: Durin's Bane, Flame of Udûn
Age: Before the creation of Arda
Gender: Male
Race: Maiar (Balrog)
Loyalty: Melkor
Hair Color: red flames
Eye Color: Red-White
Home (optional): Mines of Moria (Currently)
Weapon (optional): Whip of flame, Sword of Flame
Armor (optional): Incredibly powerful skin, only penetrable by magic weapons (From what I know)
Occupation: None
Skills: Desteuction, and Corruption
Personality: Durin's Bane is loyal, and corrupted by Melkor. With hardly any personality to speak of he is an angry beast that kills, and nothing else
Traits: Beast of Shadow and Flame.

Durin's Bane was one of the Maiar spirits that existed before the creation of the world (of the same order as Gandalf and Saruman), who descended into Arda with the Valar. It was eventually seduced and corrupted by Melkor, becoming one of the Valaraukarand joining with the other balrogs in Morgoth's service. The balrog fought in many battles of the War of the Jewels, up to and including the War of Wrath. It somehow managed to survive Morgoth's defeat, fleeing east and taking refuge beneath the Misty Mountains.

For more than five thousand years, the balrog lay dormant at the roots of Barazinbar. It remained undisturbed throughout the Second Age and most of the Third Age, until the miners of Dwarf-King Durin VI awoke it when they mined too deeply and too greedily in their search for mithril. The balrog slew Durin, and was thereafter known as Durin's Bane.

The dwarves attempted to fight the balrog, but its power was far too great. Despite their efforts to hold Khazad-dûm against it, King Náin and many of the dwarves were killed, and the survivors were forced to flee. News of the disaster reached the Silvan Elves of Lothlórien, who called the balrog the Nameless Terror (not knowing its true nature at the time) and began to refer to Khazad-dûm as Moria (dark abyss).

For five hundred years, Moria was left to the balrog. Sauron began to put his plans for war into effect around the year TA 2480 of the Third Age, and sent orcsand trolls to the Misty Mountains to bar all of the passes. Some of these creatures came to Moria, where they stayed in uneasy alliance with the balrog, which they feared.[1]

Tolkien did not clarify whether Sauron was aware of the balrog's presence prior to this time, and thus the full extent of their alliance remains unclear.

The balrog had a small but important role at the Battle of Azanulbizar, the climactic battle in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. In TA 2799, the dwarves finally defeated the majority of the orcs occupying Moria, but Dáin II Ironfoot, having slain the orc Azog, felt the terror of the balrog at the gate and declared that Moria itself remained beyond their power to conquer. Despite an attempt to recolonize Moria by Balin in TA 2989, Durin's Bane remained a menace in the ancient kingdom of the dwarves, its true nature hidden to the outside world
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Would one of these guys be alright to use?

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Name: Beriion son of Pâdion
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Númenórean
Loyalty: Gondor
Hair Color: Warm Black
Eye Color: Brown
Home: Among the Ithilien Rangers
Weapon: Longbow, shortsword
Armor: Leather jerkin, vambraces and greaves
Personality: Hardworking and efficient, but also understanding and kind.
Traits: Excels at stealth and archery and decent with a blade
Bio: Remind me to write it later

((Closed due to inactivity))

Erulisse sits at a crowded desk in the library with papers, scrolls, books, candles, inkwells, and quills. It is 11:00 at night in Rivendell and the feast to welcome four Hobbits along with various lords and sages from the far reaches of Middle-earth, is in full swing, songs are sung, tales told, and poems and wisdom exchanged. She wonders why she's alone, normally during events the place had people constantly walking through. She gets up and walks to the door and sees...

Is anyone willing to RP as Frodo and think that they'll be active enough to participate in the main RP's?

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Name: Eden Azazel

Age: 796

Gender: Male

Race: Elf (born from a Human and an Elf)

Loyalty: Rivendell

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Weapon: A Naginata-style spear (picture)

Armor: Picture

Bride: Single and looking

Children: None

Occupation: Royal Guard

Skills: Combat, Magic, Negotiation.

Personality: Tries to be polite to everyone, gets kinder and less tense around people he trusts. A hopeless romantic who is curious by nature, he takes every chance to expand his knowledge. An Adrenaline Seeker, But sort of lazy at the same time. Respects a lot the way of life of what would now be Eastern Culture.

Traits: None in special

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