I'm gonna try and be reasonable here, and try to see both sides of the argument. I am a furry myself, but I can see why we are hated. Below are a few arguments in favour of both furry and anti-furry. I hope that this helps both sides understand each other better

They aren't all people involved with sexual stuff and cosplays.
They are furries for different reasons than what you may think
Some furries have even raised money for charity in spite of the stereotypes and hatred they receive
I agree that some furries are into the sexual stuff and cosplays, but not all of them. I myself am a furry, but I'm not into that cosplay or sex stuff. I think it's disturbing. Yes, a furry doesn't like dressing up or doing sex stuff. Big shocker
Not all furries do this sort of stuff. The majority of us are just in it for socialising and the artwork.
We can't be generalised for the actions of a small minority of us. It's those of us who are into that sex and cosplay stuff that give us a bad name. Mainly the sex stuff. EUGH!!!

Anti Furries
They may have had negative experiences with furries in the past
They may have only seen the sexual stuff and the cosplays, which gives them this bad impression
I understand you people hate furries, but I don't want this to escalate any further than it already has.
I understand your reasons why, I myself don't agree with the sex and cosplays, but you can't generalise a whole fandom for the actions of a small minority of that fandom. Not all furries are that bad
Anti furries probably had negative experiences with furry animals in the past, leading them to hate anything furry. For example, being bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat. I can see why those would cause you to hate furry animals.
They may have bad impressions on furries after seeing images of it to try to understand them

I understand both sides of this. I am a furry myself, and I am against some furries who are just for the sex stuff. That just doesn't sit right with me. I may be a furry, but I know where to have limits. If any anti furries read this, I hope this can help you understand that not all of us agree with the actions of the fandom, nor do we all do that sort of stuff.

So I have a quesion to the yiffers: What makes yiff so arousing for you?
If this question is too personal, you don´t have to answer.

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