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An amazing past life experience: It all began when I visited a new restaurant. Lauren waited on me and I was overcome by this powerful feeling that I had known her for many years! And then…

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Alan Watts, he always brings a great perspective about yourself

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Planet Vibes: Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Libra, March 23 2016. Complete Astrological Predictions
Planet Vibes Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Aries,  March 23 2016.  Complete Astrological Predictions This is not just another part of the Cosmic drama. On March 23 2016 we are going to watch a significant Lunar Eclipse following a very disturbing Solar Eclip...

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Thank you ,as some one you understands the world d of wisdom. Help me, "If the taking hand knows nothing but to take? If the giving hand will not give till it sees someone to give it to?Why is there no compensation for what I leave at the crosswords?"


I would like to start a discussion on a subject matter that I consider of extreme importance to my spiritual and intelectual development, and it may as well be of great value to others sharing the same degree of development with me.
I would like to discuss about the diferent spheres of existence. I do have a good mental picture to the extent of understanding some key concepts, but still did not attain to the degree of knowing it and taking active advantage of this knowledge.
As a very comun concept in hermetic science states; as above ,so below. and to my conception it , among many other perspectives, means that in the many diferent levels of conciousnes or the Universe ( whichever you prefer) all things are related to one another by analogy. Thus, the whole universe is a variety of the same thing expressed in diferent forms and ideias.
Grossly speaking there are 3 levels of existence. The concrete and objective world, or the one that most of humanity in its moment of evolution dwells; then there is the mental world; the astral world and finaly the causal or the spiritual.. and any changes made in anynone of this spheres causes a relative and proportional reflection in the other spheres, considering they are all the same just existing in diferent form and vibration.
I would like to discuss the following subject matter concearning this main subject.
First. As in the objective world, matter expresses itselff in 3 diferent forms; solid, liquid and gaseous, and is formed by oposing pulsating vibrations of eletric and electromagnetic energy forming subatomic particles and concequently atoms and molecules etc.. in its known, by quantum phisics, structure. - In analogy, what composes the more subtke planes of existance and how this composing " MATERIAL" are structured ? .. lets try to be objetive and describe of what plane are we talking about.
Of course it is hard to describe a thought material for example.. but what I am proposing is to find the analagous description of material atomic things and its mental, astral and spiritual counterparts.
This is a knowleddge of extreme importance to those who desire to attain magical power in the causal world. Becouse if we want to cause some change in the phisical concrete world, we need to know where our mental, astral or spiritual hands will have to handle in these higher and more subtle worlds in order to reflect this changes here on earth.
To my understand, the time in our conception of time it takes for a change to reflect into a world depends on which world the cause comes from. So a change made in the mental will take more time to ocur in the solid concrete world , and in paralel a change made in the spiritual world could cause instant change in the material. ( miracles, supernatural events etc.)

In this model i try to see the whole spectrum of reallity as being the same place, but in each plane things are represented in a diferent nature. For example , in our 3 dimentional world, we have the concept of space available: however in the mental we lack this concept. There is no space in the mental world, but the distance in the mental world could be measured by the relation of an ideia to another. Thus in the mental world, space happens in the form of relations and associations of ideias, concepts and thoughts. Thus the ideia of love is in the same line of hate, but very distant to it.. ( any other analisys of such?)

Basically what I am prposing is a quantum study of all planes described by the hermectic sciences.
Thank you . I hope this post may be of great value to all of us, and that it shines the necessary light to our path..

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Greetings to all of you. Sharing a beautiful image and message from ancient times. Be part of an advanced, interactive spiritual community to sare in your journey of evolution; Enjoy, inspire, evolve, and love.
Make it an amazing day! -LBT

Presentation Guidelines and past topics for the Chicago Grand Temple

Owen Society presentation guidelines

* Presenters should be well versed in their topic, and be ready to answer questions about the topic following the presentation.   
* Presentations should last between 60-90 minutes.
* Presentations should include a practical application when applicable.
* Popular presentations have a visual element (i.e. show and tell, handouts, slide show, masonic “initiation”)
* All presentations should make a link between their presentation and its pertinence to Steampunk.
* Presenters should prepare for 17-40 attendees depending upon the venue, and popularity of the topic (n.b. Professor Mandragore will confirm the actual number of attendees the week of the presentation).

Below are the topics that have been covered in the past few years.


An Investigation into the Mysteries of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor presented by Professor Marius Mandragore.

Exploring American Occultism: The Folk Traditions (Hexerei and Hoodoo) presented by Dr. Xavier Day.

Moon phases in Magick presented by Dr. Gioconda Strega (direct from her Brazilian Tour).

The Influence of Women on all matters Spiritual and Esoteric during the Victorian Era presented by Janet Berres.

Pop Culture Steampunk Chaos magick  (Or How to Make Your Own Gods) presented by Joe "Mr. M" Mason. 

Curse Tablets: Getting Ahead the Old Fashioned Way presented by Eitel August Wilhelm Adelbert Oskar Joachim Viktoria, Graf von Pappenheim

The Tarot's Roots in the Tree of Life: An Introduction presented by Lady Violet Carruthers.

Serpents and Doves: An Experiential Journey Upon the Tree of Life presented by Professor Marius Mandragore and Dr. Xavier Day.

Necromancy 101: An Introduction to Spirit Communication presented by Dr. Xavier Day.


Megalithic Stone Circles and Structures presented by Lavinia Cavendish

Magick of the Feminine: Female Victorian Magicians and Practical Magick of Fan Language presented by Amber McCoy

Exploring American Occultism: The Faery Doctor Traditions presented by Xavier Day

Exploring the Mansions of the Moon in Theory and Practice presented by David Rappoport

Carl Jung:  Spiritualist and Occultist presented by Viktor Germanus

Talismanic Jewelry in Victorian Magic presented by Amber McCoy

Borrowing Wisdom: Sacred Mystery Practices of the Roman Empire presented by Mr. Jean-Julien Brumaire

Masons on Masons: Liz and Joe Mason Discuss Secret Societies and Steampunk presented by Liz and Joe Mason.

7 come 11:  Magic without Dice presented by Lord A.  Kamion, the Marquess of Anglesey.
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