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If you want to watch a funny walkthrough of Dark souls II then you should watch this.

Well after dying 439 times I remaking my character anyone have any ideas to help me out I want to be better at this awesome game and not give up I really do love this game:)

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Leave it to me to go the wrong way... again...

For those of you who have Dark Souls 2, you must have seen the gaping hole in Majula, as soon as I saw it, I'm thinking "Oh no... please don't be some form of Blighttown down there" and then I noticed there's no way down, so I decided not to go near it in fear of falling in (as done before in the past)

As the game progresses, I'm anxiously waiting for some kind of ladder to appear out of nowhere, and then I reach a stop; having no idea where to go.  I go treasure hunting when I'm stuck, and I come across a certain spell scroll... Fall Control... ding I get an idea on what to do next.  Since my character build has a decent amount of Intelligence, I attune the spell and venture forth into the Tomb of Saints.

After countless days of fighting off countless enemies and some really tough and disgusting bosses I make it to the end of the line, where I find The Rotten.  When I first saw this Nauseating mass of hollowed bodies, I yelled out "What. The fuck. Is that thing!?!?" as it snatched me in its hand and literally squeezed the life out of me. This boss wasn't all that tough, he was easily avoided, but he dealt a lot of damage and has this one move that I could not avoid no matter how hard I tried to, but he wasn't the problem, it was the random pits of fire that killed me most of the time, I honestly don't see what that boss has to do with fire at all, or why it eternally burned.

I finally defeated him, took his great soul with pride and was left clueless and lost for a while.  I had no idea where to go or what to do next; I've talked to every NPC and exhausted their dialogue twice over, so I decide it's time to check the wiki for a walk-through.  I was surprised at what I found, it ends up instead of going down into the pit of eternal rage, I was supposed to talk to a cleric woman outside Hiede's Tower of Flame, who I didn't talk to before because I had no need for miracles or faith for that matter.  She was supposed to use a long forgotten contraption which is seen on the way from Majula to Hiede's Tower, who would have guessed.

Now I'm going through Huntsman's Copse and the enemies are nothing compared to those before and the bosses don't really feel like bosses any more due to their easiness.  Later I received an achievement saying how I "Increased the population of Majula" so I looked around for the new uninvited member, in which he offered to build a ladder down the glorified trash disposal. What I'm trying to say here is that it could have been A LOT less painful going the right way instead of finding another way down to my numerous counts of death

There my story, so I'm going to ask you all how you made it down the hole? Was it with a ladder or did you find another more interesting way...?

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Image courtesy of

SPOILERS HERE, as a fair warning, so only proceed if you're in alright with information that may be relevant to further progress in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II.

So just... you know, keep that in mind.


Still here? Excellent!

We all (probably) remember our dear old friend Dragonslayer Ornstein, right? Big ol' dude jacked in Leo armor running around with a giant by the name of Smough? Yep, him.

I stumbled across something rather... interesting, whilst playing Dark Souls II. Traveling through Heid's Tower Of Flames, I happened upon a place by the name of "The Chapel of Blue."

Intrigued, I proceeded through a fair sized fog wall, and was instantly skewered by an... unsettlingly familiar figure.

This figure, according to the health bar at the bottom of the screen, was the "Old Dragonslayer", but in all appearance he was, in fact, Ornstein.

"F*%&#$% Ornstein!?" I exclaimed with all courtesy, "THE F*$&ING F^%( ARE YOU DOING IN HEID'S GOD-DAMN TOWER OF F%(^ING FLAMES?"

Ironically, only moments before encountering him, I had exclaimed that the Chapel of Blue reminded me somewhat of Anor Londo, mostly in the shape of it's towers and overall castle structure, so running into my old and much hated nemesis was just... delighting.

Now, it occurred to me that perhaps this wasn't, actually, Ornstein.  I wouldn't be terribly shocked if they reused some aspects from the past, and maybe just treated him as a sort of vague reference.

That is, until you beat him, and he happens to drop an item I'm sure we all recall: the "Old" Leo Ring.

So apparently, this is, in fact, Ornstein, in some strange iteration. Or at the very least, it's one who bares both his armor, ring, and overall abilities.


1. Ornstein was just as undead as you in the world of Lordran. Not hollow, but undead. Where Smough had in fact gone completely hollow, Ornstein returned to life much the way we do upon death. Defeated in Anor Londo, he left the kingdom in search of his own cure for the hollowing, learning of the rumors that Drangleic could heal the cursed. And so, he ventured onward to the lost kingdom, and thus, we find him.

2. Theory number 2 is a bit more... out there and convenient, I suppose. Much the same way that Gwynevere was an illusion created by Gwyndolin [if I'm recalling his name correctly], both Ornstein and Smough were also creations of his doing, meaning that the real Ornstein and Smough were, potentially, still around at the time.

As Ornstein is the only one of the four knights not encountered in the DLC Artorias of the Abyss, we can wager that he may have left them at some point around the time of the Abyss' awakening. Perhaps it was during this time that he ventured to Drangleic?

Just my thoughts on the matter. I'd be psyched to hear some of your theories, guys!

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Looks like it's time to uproot from the old Firelink Shrine and get ourselves settled into Majula, huh?

Welcome to Dark Souls II, guys!

Dark Souls 2 comes out on March 11th, can't wait for midnight madness! And when most of the people there ask me if I'm ready for Titanfall, I'd tell them that I am not
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