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I am going to address some serious problems that have been coming up in this community!
First I will not allow this and if this keeps coming up I'm going to start giving strikes for it!
No giant weapons! Weapons are based around vintage, as if now! NO ONE BUT A MOD, CAN BE A GENERAL, OR A SOLDIER IN THE ARGON HUMAN MILITIA!!!!!!! Only they have giant military grade automatic weapons. As of now only present day hunting weapons or vintage military weapons can be used, like an AK-47 or a Winchester!
Second don't question my plot! If you don't think it's original, I would like you to check your research a little more, I have not seen a community based on a highly hostile ice planet, with very little weaponry!

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[Name] Dr. Ishwood (Ish) Ramsey
[Age] 22
[Gender] Male
[Weapons] 2 energy pistols and a Magnum-Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 and a M-2189 Diplomat machine pistol.
[Designated Colony] Colony 8, The Capital
[Nationality] German and English
[Colony Occupation] Doctor and Soldier
[Weakness] Physical: (If we can) Partially a metal arm and a small muscle disorder but doesn't affect him to much. Mental: He is Insane to a degree but with the insanity has saved many lives but is slowly losing his.
[Strength] Mental: Intelligence and Eidetic Memory. Physical: Running.
[Social Status] Popular by many but hated by others.
[Personality] Ish is kind and smart. He can save lives with a snap of his fingers and knows many different ways in Therapy. He is also strict as he hates mistakes but does except them. He is also A bit crazy because Half the things he says Have nothing to do with the situation.
[Bio] He was born to a rich family in Colony 8 and was raised there under their rules. He went to all the best schools and soon had a degree in Medicine, in Criminology, and Forensics. He enlisted in the military as a Doctor and became one. On his third mission out to assist wounded in a fight against Revondi, part of his arm was blown off. He got it replaced and was soon helping the soldiers get better in the colony hospital. After the arm incident he learned how to shoot and was then back out helping more wounded but better protected.


Pictures of weapons (In order mentioned)
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(Sorry this was very late! I was extremely busy IRL)
Several dropships land outside the vast wall of Helios. The city ruins used to be populated with over 12 million colonists, half of which were military units, and soldiers. The scientists were dropped off at several dozen different areas of the city. Squads of 7-12 mercenaries were formed to guard these scientists.
Each squad was tasked to keep an eye out for several different things, but all were tasked to meet with the entire battalion at the center of Helios. What ever was happening inside Helios, definitely was going to be found, one way or the other. 

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[Name] Tina Bishop
[Age] 29
[Gender] female
[Weapons] Military hunting shotgun, A collision rifle (Like the average modern day military rifle)
[Designated Colony] Being transported to Colony 6
[Nationality] She is believed to be of German decent, but she speaks with a slight american accent
[Colony Occupation] Drop ship pilot
[Weaknesses] Suffered from infant Schizophrenia, but made it through with our scars, she also suffers from Asthma, and prone to illness
[Strengths] She is physically strong, she could possibly take down a Nosilisk (A small tiger like creature with the strength of a bear)
[Social status] The Oddball
[Personality] cocky
[Vitality] 0
[Endurance] 0
[Strength] 50
[Agility] 0
[Perception] 0
[Farming] 0
[Craft] 0
[Speech] 0
[Melee] 50
[Teamwork] 50

Argon is available!
Usually this means whenever Argon is available usually the colonists shipped in (I.e. New character) they have absolutely base line stats, except for 3 which the player will choose to he maxed out!
Thus this is a limitation to being able to create insanely awesome characters.
Also Argon character's stats earn double points every time they train in a stat, and ultimately lose double the points when they spend less time studying that stat!

Colony one: Elections available!
Colony two: Elections available!
Colony three: Elections available
Colony four: Elections available!
Colony five: Elections available!
Colony six: Elections available!
Colony seven: Elections available!
Colony eight: Elections available
Hope: Mod or Owners elections available!

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Introducing the Argon Mechs. 
Fleet Argon has sent down 100 plus drop ships, which were unmanned and calculated to crash, littering the wastelands with small treasure troves filled with food, water, weapons (More military grade semi auto hunting rifles) and these strange machines.
The were titled the Argon mechs, and a surplus of 30 of them were hauled to bases for the military.
They are not very affective, and usually breakdown withing 2-3 days out in the cold.
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Event Upcoming: Red Winters
Event Details: A strange occurrence has come up in the back alleys of Helios. Outlaws are found dead on the streets, small blotches of red snow litter the streets, as some of the local wildlife begin to eat their own kin. What could be causing these strange things to happen? A group of scientists from the colony of Allendale have shipped out, with a sum of 100 plus mercenaries and 30 scientists to study what is causing these ecological occurrences to happen.

Permanent Event!
The Strange Broadcast
For the past to weeks a strange broadcast has reamed from the mountainous regions. People dreaded to tackle a trip up there, being miles away from the closest piece of civilization, and the superstitions coming from the north, a constant snow storm blows in the polar ice caps.
The broadcast is in some language, that no human can understand. It may not even be another language.
Before anyone dives into this, if you go in, without any very good weaponry, and do it without some serious support, YOU WILL DIE!!! If you survive the trip to the broadcast the shear amount of resistance there WILL KILL YOU!

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me: Jack Cay
Smuggling code-name: Cayde-6
Race: Human
Age: 36
Height: 6'8
Weight: 224
Colony: Helios 

Physical Build: Tall, but not too much so and proportionately built. Most of weight is in muscle.

Profession: Legitimate Trader(When the price is right), smuggler, mercenary, hired gun, you name it, if you have the cash I can do the job. Me and my crew have special relationship with the feds, we do what they want and help people, while they take a cut off the top, so we get to live outside the law.

Personal Weapons: Dragunov SVD Designated Marksman Rifle, SRR-61 bolt action sniper rifle, 9mm SigSauer 1911 handgun, SCAR-H Assault Rifle, Various other weapons stored in on-ship armory

Spacecraft: RSI Constellation Andromeda "The Undying Night"

Personality: Rough, smart, born leader

Bio: Was a foot soldier in the first interplanetary attacks, defending Earth from colonial militants. Became a fighter pilot in a mercenary flotilla a few years later and eventually earned enough to buy his own ship, an RSI Constellation Andromeda. He still pilots his ship along side the ships in his old flotilla when the price is right, but mainly does freelance work, but when the business is slow he takes on cargo and works as a trader or escort ship.

[Vitality] 35/50
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