I would really appreciate an UNDO option for copying and moving photos. When I make a mistake moving a picture, it may be hard to find in my large collection. Thanks.

Samba backup only supports SMBv1... Windows 10 update has disabled this ancient protocol for security reasons. You can re-enable it, but a MitM could "easily" receive your entire backup! I didn't even know I was running on SMBv1 all this time. I would have disabled it.

I can't login cm cloud please help

It would really be good if we can add file size and or file type to the details that appear in the bottom left corner of the screen that has the file name and dimensions if we just add file size that would be super awesome thank you

Hello, after updated your app it turned the words to purple, how can I change it back to white?
Thank you

QuickPic I have installed on all devices it works great.

I have now installed it on my Android TV via Sideload and the app is running but I do not see the three dots (the optional menu with the Slideshow option). But watching the slideshow is especially important on a big TV. Is it possible to get a version with slideshow for Android TV?

I think a widget or small app should come with it.

Feature request: option to start videos with muted sound. Then user would be able to unmute and mute again during playback. Pretty much as it works in Instagram. :-)

Not able to login with google account, i have uploaded my all pic earlier with google account only. now feeling really helpless and lost my precious pictures. kindly help

When you delete a picture, could it be moved to a folder called deleted.
QuickPic could monitor the folder and if a picture has been sitting there for a week, it would then get permanently deleted. Like a recycling bin.
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