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QuickPic - Fast, Lightweight and Modern

Download QuickPic still today from Google Play:

My videos will not upload to the CM cloud, how can I make them?

I'm on wifi, I've tried moving them to different folders, and making sure those folders are backed up, but they still never upload to the cloud.

Thank you!

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Como inicio sección? Ya lo tenía vinculado pero ahora no puedo

Feature Request - auto *.gif play

Automatically play *.gifs in browse mode and not just when opening the gif itself in full view.
Akin to tumblr gallery image selection before uploading gifs.

In other words, when you open a folder, all gifs are looping already.
This could be a toggle in the settings and limited to on-device local files only as to not eat up too much bandwidth for user that uses the cloud. 

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Hello Beta testers,
It's festive time! Our CHIP is on his way to share surprising gifts & lots of love! Stay tuned for new updates in 2017...🎅🎄🎁

Check out our latest update:

We want know how you celebrate Christmas, show us your pictures in the comments!

Best wishes,


Does quickpic has any problems with Nougat? Always random reboots when opening quickpic. Tried it in multiple roms but still random reboots

Dears, along with greet them I have the following suggestions:

1- It would be ideal to be (Quickpic) able to support videos and in the CM cloud.
2- Select photos and have a folder selected.
3- Attached to the first point, it would be ideal to transfer the photos and videos backed up in Google Drive, for example, to the CM cloud.
4- To have an option to be able to order the albums according to the date and place (geotag).

My suggestions for the moment. Thank you for the excellent application. regards

There's a problem with rotation when I open cm cloud within quickpic app. When the phone is in landscape, the whole app will be in landscape perfectly. But as soon as I open cm cloud, it goes to portrait. Please do make everything to be in landscape when the phone is in landscape mode...

Dead Community .. 

A feature should be added in Cm Cloud .. the ability to move pictures from one folder to another .. 
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