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Here's a master post of key information for this year's competition!

Theme: Lost Stories

Ingredients: Blunt, Sheepskin, Speedwalking, Weigh

Full rules:

Submission link:

Time zone conversions for competition end:

Full timeline (reviews, announcing winners, etc):

Apologies for the long silence -- I've been working behind the scenes with the other coordinators, and I wanted to make sure we had something definite to say before making any announcements.

FIRST, on the matter of the global winner: Due to the turbulent process in getting the 2018 contest running, only two communities (English and Italian) were able to select winners. With only two entries, it didn't seem to make sense to declare a single global winner. (The global winner is chosen by the language coordinators voting, with the rule that you can't vote for your own community's game -- so with only two entries, I would have to be the tiebreaker. And that seems wrong both because I was doing double duty as an English coordinator as well, and because "Game Chef Global Winner" ought to mean something more than "Stentor's fave.") So congratulations again to English winner "Sheep Therapy" by Jadanys Clip, and to Italian winner "Alzh & Imer" by Antonio Amato (

SECOND, we're in the process of organizing the 2019 Game Chef. We don't have definite dates, though it will likely be during the (northern hemisphere) summer. This includes bringing on some new coordinators to help myself and Jay. We also want to get our other language communities up and running again, so if you are fluent in a language other than English and would be interested in helping out, please get in touch!

THIRD, after looking through various options, we have decided to set up a Discord server for Game Chef to replace this forum. Lots of folks in the gaming community already use Discord, so it will hopefully be an easier transition and reduce "platform fatigue." We're still getting it set up, so we'll let you know as soon as it's ready for folks to join. You can also follow our Facebook ( and Twitter (@game_chef) for announcements.

Given that G+ is going dark before we get chatty here, I figure now is the time to talk about alternate community hosts.

Over that last few months, I've been using and evaluating several hosts and by far I like MeWe the best. Its got events, posts for long term use, a chat page, and generally does all that I want. Back when it was first suggested to the G+ exodus group, there was concerns. But, those have turned out to be unfounded. The only obnoxious thing has been some bots which can either be blocked if the group is public or filtered if the members need to be approved before joining.

The other solution that I favor is opening up a sub Reddit. r/RPGdesign does host some Game Chef chatter and announcements. But, I think a dedicated section would better serve the community. It's not personally my favorite, but it is serviceable as a platform. Anything else has generated either too little adoption or lacks the features that I think are needed for the community.


Hi folks, as you may have heard, Google is shutting down G+ in 10 months. That means this place is likely to be on the way out, if not gone, by the time of Game Chef 2019. The coordinators will be discussing the best way to maintain the GC community moving forward, and we'll make an announcement when we have a final decision. We realize that any other platform we choose will have problems, and there will always be some people who find that the new platform is not good for them -- but we want to do our best to find a solution that works for the largest number of people.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread for you to offer your thoughts and suggestions. We'll read and consider everything that's said here.

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There were a ton of great games submitted this year, but we managed to make a final decision. Your 2018 English-language Game Chef champion is: Sheep Therapy by Jadanys Clip!

We'll be announcing the global winner once all of the other language communities have selected winners and gotten them translated. In the meantime, feel free to use this community to continue talking about your games, especially if you're working on developing them further.

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I guess posting about it here jinxed our technical problems into sorting themselves out, because I can now bring you the seven finalists for Game Chef 2018:

The Legend of Alsa Tyrantslayer, by Don Bisdorf
Logout, by Alois Bourguenolle
Sheep Therapy, by Jadanys Clip
The Sinking Tower, by Jeffrey Bo Doon
RPG / Improvised Theatre, by David Joria
The Warrior's Journey, by Michael Meinberg
Colere, by Benjamin Smith

Congratulations to our finalists and a huge thank-you to everyone who participated this year.

Hey folks, we appreciate your patience as we get ready to announce the finalists for this year. We're having some issues with the Game Chef website, and it's important to post the results there (not just in this community) because not all participants are on G+.

Thanks, first, to +Stentor Danielson and everyone else who made the Game Chef possible!
Also, many thanks to the people who reviewed my game - everyone was very kind and all of you gave me new ideas and new motivation to continue working on my entry. I am very happy with this contest!

Do we know when finalists will be announced? I know September 25 was the original date listed for the English-speaking finalists.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year possible and to all the people who reviewed games! My critiques were very thoughtful and the reviewers put time and effort into understanding my game and letting me know what would really tighten it up! I hope everyone else's experience was as beautiful.
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