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Winner of the Game Chef Pummarola Ediscion 2017

We’re glad to announce the winner of the Italian edition of the Game Chef 2017:

Today, Tomorrow, Never (Oggi, domani, mai) by +Maria Guarneri and +Oscar Biffi.

The judges of the Pummarola Ediscion would like to congratulate the winners, and all the people who took part in this competition for their commitment and enthusiasm.

Below you’ll find a link to the English translation of Today, Tomorrow, Never, and thanks to Chiara Locatelli for her amazing translation.

We hope you’ll appreciate this game as much as we did.


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Thanks to everyone here for giving us the impetus to write Weave and the feedback needed to make it shine :D
We've just published a new game: Weave is a rules-light storytelling game about fashion, travel and everyday magic. Visit new places, understand their fashions and traditions, and try to craft magical garments that let you take their power with you - while learning wisdom, experience, and the price of power.

Weave was a finalist in Game Chef 2017, and is now for sale to the public. Grab it and see for yourself what the judges liked about it!

I know it's a bit late, but thanks to everyone who reviewed my Gatekeeper, I almost resigned from submitting it, and I am now very glad that I didn't - a lot of good feedback, and lot of good words.
Being able to provide my feedback to the games that got assigned to me was also a pleasure.

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Congratulations to Pedro, and a huge thank-you to everyone who participated this year!

I feel incredibly honored to see my game Once Upon A Full Moon chosen as the winner of this year's Game Chef, especially when so many great games were submitted. I want to thank the Game Chef organizers, and everyone who submitted a game, for making this wonderful explosion of creativity from so many talented people possible.

Actually, I initially didn't plan on submitting a game this year because of work commitments taking all my time lately. However, the day the themes and ingredients were announced, within moments, I had a game in mind that just would not let me rest until it was put down on paper. I still remember my dog staring at me in the wee hours of the night as if he was wondering if I had lost my mind and had forgotten the way to bed, as I rolled dice and stretched a piece of yarn over playing cards on the sofa table yet again after dozens of times and then took yet more notes. For the next days, the whole process of writing the rules, being part of the community here in G+, play testing, editing, etc, felt utterly exciting. That week was magical, after all, there was something, a game, and one that wants to warm the hearts of those people who play it, being created out of nothing - and that is what magic is, right?

It makes very happy that many people have seen something in my game that speaks to them. That makes me want to develop it further, and perhaps even prepare an expanded release in the future.

The biggest prize I take away from this experience with Game Chef is a wonderful feeling of being part of this great community, and of being able to, via game design, connect to other incredibly talented creators. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to read my game, to those who reviewed it and wrote valuable feedback, to the organizers, and to all the creators here who keep the magic alive.

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This game is both from a great designer in +Chris Challice, but produced by +Ragnarok FateOfTheNorns which means the artwork is going to be breathtakingly beautiful and the quality will be amazing.
It has started. Please look and, if you like, back. I'd love to see an amazing first day:

Thanks to everyone who reviewed my game, Into the Borderlands. I really appreciate your comments! Looks like there are a lot of interesting submissions this year. Congrats to the finalists, but more generally... CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated! It's not easy to make a creative, thematic game in a week.

I think it's safe to say that likely none of us do this because we're trying to win a contest. We do it because we love games, and we love being creative, and because we value sharing our work with each other. So although there will be a winner, everyone who participated ends up winning!

Thank you so much to the 3 people who reviewed my entry Crossing the Divide - Sacred Space. It was my first time and a great challenge.

The reviews were kind. One gave a perspective that was very useful. I didn't receive any email addresses to personally respond. So, thank you. Whoever you are.

I will admit I was a little sad and demotivated by reviewers narrowing down the definition of what a game is and isn't. By saying that my game wasn't a game, I felt that perhaps I should not have entered my game at all. Which, is my own imposter syndrome and not their fault.

Rituals as games, using your own experiences to explore different contexts, constructs, spaces and world's by sharing stories of struggles, hope and dreams is something I'm passionate about and will keep doing.

I am fascinated and drawn to social and cultural behaviours of people. People play "drinking games", which are talked about and recognised as games. They can even be quite ritualistic. Some of which involve no fiction at all. Card games such as 'Cards Against Humanity', require only someone's understanding and interpretations of the cultural imaginary around them. They don't play a fictional character, yet it's still a game.

If you are interested in designing and playing games that explore identities and our connection to ourselves, others and the earth. Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to share what I am working on.

Thank you for the experience and opportunity to share this with a small community of designers.
It's been such an honor.

I look forward to seeing more of what you all do.
Power to you all! 🌟

Julia Dianna

Hi, and sorry for being very late to the party - it's been a long week.

Thanks very much to my reviewers, who gave great feedback, Also congrats to the finalists, I think there was a lot of creativity and diverse approaches this year, and some excellent games as a result.

I got asked some questions during the reviews which I will attempt to answer here:

The surgery instructions - the three rules listed are the only rules. So you're not confined to using scissors. Also, moving the threads is fine - you just can't touch them "directly", as in with your skin.

Codewords - a lot of these are red herrings. In fact, there are several bits of extraneous information which is mainly there to give a glimpse into the world the characters are in, rather than because it will help solve the puzzle. (What is operation LIMIT BREAK? Why call people "Citizen"?)

How do we know if we got the message right? The right solution should give you unambiguous message. I can't really tell you what that is without giving spoilers.
The interview - the main purpose of the interview is to give the other players a chance to realise that the Envoy is behaving differently, before the final puzzle.

Because the final puzzle isn't just about deciphering the message, it's about getting the Envoy to co-operate with the rest of the team, and some of the surgery results can make that complicated.

Theme and ingredients - I try not to be explicit in signalling the ingredients and theme - either it comes across or it doesn't, and in this case it looks like it didn't. The borders in this game are between the characters (information is heavily compartmentalised), between humanity and the Xiph, and a lot of what happens to the Envoy is about breaking down boundaries (for example, between truth and fiction, or between individuality and the group).
As for ingredients - yarn is most referenced, cut is lightly referenced (mainly as the directive not to cut the yarn, ECHO is a throwaway reference to the name of the facility (I wouldn't expect this to count for anything, it's more of an "Easter egg") and smoke isn't used at all.

I'd be happy to take any more questions, feedback, criticisms anyone might have. If someone really wants to be spoiled with the solution, then I'm happy to do that by private message, but please don't spoil the solution for anyone else by sharing it publically - this is a puzzle game and giving away the answer removes the main point of the game.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed Disopticon! I got some great, constructive feedback, and seeing how different people engaged with the theme and ingredients was really helpful. I'm planning to develop this game further, so this will be a great help going forward.

Hopefully I'll see you all next year!
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