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Name: Fionna
Age: 16
Gender: Female

What do we have to do???

ok here it is
name: Tatiyahna
age: 13
nickname: Tatz
Fave color: gold, silver, black
hair color: Changes
powers: Physcology, sorcery, immortal
likes: life, wisdom
dislikes: patheticness, stupidity, Love

what do i have to do?

I walked along the path and saw Fionna jogging towards me. " rainbow princess, We need you. a strange king has come and demanded everything in the palace to be blue otherwise he'll chop our heads off. I tried battling him but it's no use. he has a shield." I nodded and replied "Don't worry. i'll take care of it. He will soon be saying that he hates blue.."
to be continued..

Eye color:black
Hair color:purple
Do you have a hat:No
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