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look at this boys and girls the awesome people at Tech of tomorrow are doing 

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NEW Design SLMarketPlace (SLstore) Group, All people is invited to post ad. Good Functionality, fast and easy. Visit and get information click on SLstore
Magic Global Center Presentation 

Hey guys, Check out my new website.

For Gamers this is the specific link

This two links are waiting for your review
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Guys!! Here you can find Metro Last Light from only 19,94€

hello everyone 

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hello boys and girls The OutPost here 
just started a YouTube channel 
and would like to improve it soo comment would be a big help and are looking for more team members to cover all types of games
zombie die rise OWWW HELL NO
this is The OutPost signing off have a grate day :)

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Viktoria E. A. von Brandenburg (viktoria.brandenburg)

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Hi, thanks for the invite. I am mainly an Open Metaverse person but I do have some sims in SL which includes Pirates and capture role play. But I am really into Steampunk now and I'm thinking even steampunk has it pirates so I will have to explore that.

I also run the Opensim Virtual community in G+ so do drop in feel free to post Event notices and whatever there.

So now, tell me more about this group?

every put your names on the list if u can so we can all hangout

SL list names
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