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Hello everypony! Chapter 2 is currently still being written, but in the meantime, I have a preview! Enjoy! ^~^

Chapter 2: Filly a Friend

The passing night remained quiet and peaceful. Dudman was soundly sleeping, snoozing his day off, until…

DUDMAN!!! Crystal called

Finding himself nudging his pillow he squeezed his eye, turning over and over in a repeated fashion. He bit his lip for a second, the day had already started? Getting up from his lying position Dudman rubbed his eyes with one of his hooves being quite tired after he stayed up late yesterday to fill the school application, but why of all times he had to fill it then? Sloping downwards resulted in him giving a small grunt when his right foreleg hit the ground. The injury he gotten earlier started to hurt from it pressing the solid ground. With that, the stairs were an obstacle, each step caused drastic pain no matter how softly he touched the ground., it seems that he was going to have to tell his mother about it at some point… Right? Trotting downstairs a scent surrounded the house, a pretty foul scent, gas?

The smell felt sickening, even to the point that he ceased himself from moving any further. Parts of green smoke was still visible around the narrow walls, the mystifying gas cornering by it made it hard for him to see. Continuing to trot regardless, Dudman spotted a shadowy figure in the distance, more of a shape of a pony. It was no doubt his mom in a robe, a black robe, the smell had gotten more worse the more he ventured causing him to grab a clothespin and place it on his nose. The gases were releasing from the pot as they slowly descended in the air, was Crystal cooking raw eggs or something? Well whatever it was, it didn’t look appetizing or smell good to begin with. However, from the awful smell come to the different house. The house seemed to be designed for some kind of witches lair, walls were busted and fractured, spiders were crawling everywhere Celestia forbid that one would sneak upon his foreleg and go for a munch. The entire dinner table was filled with spikes on its sides along with the chairs, but if there’s one thing that standed out the most, it was the multitude of pony skulls hanging from the walls. Clearly, Crystal wouldn’t decorate a house like this, was it holiday or something? Nightmare Night?

“Breakfast is ready sweetie” Crystal said

If you haven't read chapter 1 or the prologue, do so before reading this one. Prologue has a dub if you want to hear it.

You guys know Descendants, right? Anyway I'm thinking of making an MLP parody of it. Do you like this idea or not?

I need ideas to add to this fic. I need at least 200 more words before I should resubmit, so place ideas in the comments. And I need cover art for it.

Ok well it's my favorite time of the year called summer vacation! This is where you put your name and I will pick 7 lucky winners who will be drew by me in either
A)Fairy/Elves style
B) Plants vs zombies Plant
C) Gravity Falls
D) Five Nights At Freddy's
E) My new comic style!

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I'm waiting.....

if anypony wants to write for a fan animation shoot me a email

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A Poll I am doing on second person narrative. It's one question and I want all of you to answer it. Thank you in advance.
(Relating to a fanfic I wrote)

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