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CASE STUDY VIDEO SLOT MACHINE GAME AUDIO (PART-1): ‘The Making of Castle Builder Game - the music soundtrack’.

Listen to (or read) this inspiring and captivating case-study of one of the most unique video slots ever made.

The sheer size of the graphic production was colossal. No other company had a game like it. It was in a class all of its own. As a result, Castle Builder needed a powerful music soundtrack that could match the project's scope and ambition...

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Have you noticed that now Microgaming doesn't publish posts about new games on their site? They always show what's new and write about some changes… But now there is only some general info about the company and their team offered on the official site.

Does anybody know where can I check out news about releases, games and software the group cooperates or going to do that, new deals, etc.? I would like to be aware of all changes coming. If you know, please, share it with me. Thanks.

Microgaming is just awesome company. It is up to the name of leader in the gambling industry. And it's so interesting to become closer to the group and people who work there. I think that should be really creative and interesting persons.

Just because everything they create are like a masterpiece. Of course, not all games out of 800 are my favourite ones, but still the most part of them can impress even avid gamblers as for me. And I would like to take a look at the people who work so hard to gladden us with captivating games to play and make the pastime something memorable.

I was always curious about the people who creates blogs. I think they should be really charismatic to be interesting for other people and make them to follow them, don't they? It's a good alternative to the old info-sites. It's quick and simple.

But it's a pity today it's quite difficult to find the blog that is worth seeing. Especially when it comes to the gambling industry. They are boring and not useful as you expect to get. Do you understand what I'm about? So, if you know any deserving blog, please, share it with me. Want to get the fullest and true info about games and casinos. Thanks.

Everybody used to that Microgaming is the leader of the leaders. And it's taken as an entitlement without any examination. But it's not a secret that everything is changing constantly. And who knows if the company is as strong as it was a few years ago?

Of course, I think that it still deserves the best words, but still there are many companies-competitors which are hard on heels as well. So, if there is any profit to check out other providers of the casino software or Microgaming remains to be the best in the industry?

Hi there! Reading the discussions here, I've got curious, why everyone talks much about Microgaming software. I'm a newbie about online gambling house and know not much. But still why exactly this company is so popular amongst real players?

Also I heard good feedback about another groups like Playtech and RTG which are considered to be  trustworthy and safe as well. And Microgaming remains to be the leader any way. Can anybody tell me what makes the company be so exclusive and fancy? Moreover, as far as I understand, that all aforementioned providers have a strong reputation too. So why Microgaming?

Today it's so hard to find the reliable blog or portal devoted to online gambling, where truly info and facts are offered. I just hate when you come to the site to get some opinion and feedback, but all you get is some promo of the online casino.

Of course, I understand that almost all Microgaming casinos are worth seeing and bla-bla-bla, but still some one of them are better and some worse. How can I notice that when reviewers always say that they are awesome and show me only advantages of the gambling house! Psht! Do you understand what I mean? It's really shit. And thus, I'm looking for the recourse with reviews of Microgaming casinos, but where real experience and facts are described. But here is a problem… It's not so easy as it seems to be.

That's why I'm here asking for help. Please, if you know any blog where facts and real experience is described as well as trust-worthy casinos by Microgaming are offered, can you share it with me. So, avid players prompt me something!

Hi there! First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for the information given on here. I've found out lots of interesting facts about online gambling, Microgaming software and its products like casinos and games.

And I found the resource to be really useful when you are looking for the bonus promotions of online casinos to try. I'm a newbie and I know little about the bonus system. That makes all those promotions be too fishy. It's quite obvious that people don't trust new and little-known things. Nobody wants to be cheated… Especially when it comes to your own money.

No Deposits, Match Bonuses, Free Spins… There are too many kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos! It makes me dizzy a little bit. Can you advise me some articles or something like devoted to the topic? What's more, I'm curious if there is any true benefits to receive from the casino offers and what bonuses are the best to start with?
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