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Here you have the community rules!
You want to read them.

■ Post only Minecraft related posts in it's correct category!
If a video or blog post barely mentions Minecraft, it most likely isn't related at all.
Categories explained:

■ Mentioning, talking about, or linking to illegal content is not tolerated. Piracy, scams, hacks, cracks and anything similar is considered illegal.

■ Never promote anything without a proper description of what you're giving a shout-out to.

■ Not everything belongs here. Spamming and flooding are not tolerated. Bad behavior is frowned upon. Harshly.
Chain mail/posts that ask people to share/reshare a post do not belong here.

■ Hatred or misleading propaganda against any person, company, organization etc. is forbidden.

■ Bullying and misbehavior are of course not tolerated either. If you find someone's work 'noobish' or stupid, keep that to yourself. Keep a good taste in your constructive criticism.

■ Do not create posts that would start an argument.

■ Pay attention to your posts' quality! Make it interesting and people will pay more attention to your post and you get what you came for.
Do not just write out "subscribe to my channel!", explain your channel/server/whatever your promoting! Never post only a link or one line asking someone to do a thing!

■ Contribute!
Before you post, think about whether or not the post truly is interesting to others? A beautiful view is beautiful, but if it's just a photo of your computer screen, most won't find that interesting.
Make people want to interact with your post!

This is a community! Interact with others and have fun!

Do & Don't:

Don't just post your YouTube channel. Post a video instead, and perhaps link your channel url in the post if you really need to.
The thing is, people like videos more than a plain channel.

Don't tell people to +1/subscribe if you tell them you might do some cool thing in the future. It's like a kickstarter where they tell you what you kickstarted,  if it met it's goal. Nobody would do that!

Don't just post "Hi!" when introducing yourself. That's not an introduction! Tell us who you are, what platform do you play on etc.. It is a way to make friends! The Introductions category still isn't a place to beg for followers/subscribers.

Do +mention any of the moderators when you see someone breaking the rules. This will help us check out the trouble sooner!

Do post a rich post! The more awesome your post is, the more attention it will get! Remember your grammar and use awesome images/videos.

Do ask about the rules when in doubt.
Too many find out the hard way, after they did not read the rules, that their post was removed from the community.

Current active moderators:
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Gerard Botsex

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Bao Junior

➥ Pocket Edition  - 
I made a Pocketmine server!
When I'm on, I'll place diamond blocks and stuff!
Time stopped at 600 because I hate night.
IP and port:

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DayZ the Cat Gaming

➥ Discussion  - 
Too bad they didn't get the pig right the first time. Lol
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Lol yea, but i wonder why they stook to it though
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CASH PRIZE GIVEAWAY! Easy to enter, see the description!
Comment #EasterGiveaway
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Does anyone have an smp I can join my ign is ExclamatorMC if I can join msg on hangouts btw I'm good at building and redstone
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xgamer destiny

➥ Discussion  - 
can someone please help me with getting onto online servers on the psvita. plz
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So welcome Everybody to the minecraft 1.8 Horse Selector!

This horse selector has room for 5 Horses and looks totally amazing to my opinion. Hope you like it!

And be sure to follow up The Experience next time!!


Hello Everybody, It's me GT.

I know nearly everyone knows, but still: the game we are playing is called Minecraft. It's one of the most played games in the world, and a lot of fun. Mostly I make Redstone (machinery) tutorials for others to build for them selves, but sometimes we do something creative like an Adventure map. 

GTexperience [Experience Network]:
➞ Facebook:
➞ PlanetMinecraft:
➞ Google Plus:
➞ JsoCraft:
➞ Intro music: Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release]
➞ Outro music: Janji Feat. TR - Milky Way Stars [NCS Release]

➞ Spotify
➞ SoundCloud
➞ Facebook
➞ Twitter
➞ YouTube

➞ Spotify
➞ Facebook
➞ Twitter
➞ YouTube
➞ SoundCloud

➞ Like
➞ Follow
➞ Listen
➞ Follow
➞ Instagram:

Follow Janji:
➞ Follow  
➞ Like
➞ Stream  
➞ Follow 
➞ Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed... And if you did be sure to follow up the experience next time!
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About this community

Welcome to the best fan community for the game, Minecraft. Link to the community rules can be found at the bottom of this card. Not sure what category your post belongs to? There's a link to a post explaining them further down. Do you see any posts that break the rules? Mention any of the moderators, to let them fix it sooner! Current active moderators: +Jourei Mahtavankätyri (Owner) +David Goodman +Jaron Swab +Paul Kaiser +Adrian Crevan +Nathan Bailey +Kathy Elizabeth Community's display image created by +Sassy Treacle.

JonoWarrior K

➥ Discussion  - 

Dose anyone here want to voice act for my movie "THE RETURN OF HEROBRINE"? If so, you need to have these 2 things....

1: Passion (You must be confident in voicing. You need to be good at it and I will not accept people who can't act at all)

2: Persistence (You must voice for all your lines in the script. DON'T slack off. If so, you will be banned. You also need to stay with me till the squeal of the film)

So, if you are these two things; comment below saying that you want to voice act. I will reply as soon as possible and I'll send you the list of characters to choose from. When you select a character, I'll send you the script.

So good luck guys. I believe in you and I'll promise you'll become more popular in the future when the film is done if you're involved.
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Derpy Duck Animation

➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
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KidsHooked onMC

➥ Servers  - 
Our Pixelmon server is open and everyone is welcomed to join us!

Our IP:  
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Some stuff there adding in 0.11.0 +1 if u like it and like/subscribe
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I subscribed to you on YouTube 
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➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
Hello I will keep this short, I play video games. If you want to see me play something request it I am open to suggestions. But I will tell what this channel is about it is all about games. I love to play games on the PS4 and on my computer. Any game for either of those could be played. My top favorite games are GTA 5, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Minecraft, Advanced Warfare, and many more if theses games aren't up yet be patient. All good things come to those that are persistent and wait. I will do lets play on most any game except horror games or scary games so to say because I am a scarredy cat! And I except it, also I spell words wrong all the time so this is up front forgiveness, also I can get off topic but if I want something I'm the most focused person you will ever meet.
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Greg “Gooftroopero” Troopero

➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
Hey guys check out this cool project i'm working on!
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mining Vs minecraft
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Very peachy comparison 
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