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Nathan Bailey

➥ Community ideas/activity  - 
Here you have the community rules!
You want to read them.

■ Post only Minecraft related posts in it's correct category!
If a video or blog post barely mentions Minecraft, it most likely isn't related at all.

■ Mentioning, talking about, or linking to illegal content is not tolerated. Piracy, scams, hacks, cracks and anything similar is considered illegal.

■ Never promote anything without a proper description of what you're giving a shout-out to.

■ Not everything belongs here. Spamming and flooding are not tolerated. Bad behavior is frowned upon. Harshly.
Chain mail/posts that ask people to share/reshare a post do not belong here.

■ Hatred or misleading propaganda against any person, company, organization etc. is forbidden.

■ Bullying and misbehavior are of course not tolerated either. If you find someone's work 'noobish' or stupid, keep that to yourself. Keep a good taste in your constructive criticism.

■ Do not create posts that would start an argument.

■ Pay attention to your posts' quality! Make it interesting and people will pay more attention to your post and you get what you came for.
Do not just write out "subscribe to my channel!", explain your channel/server/whatever your promoting! Never post only a link or one line asking someone to do a thing!

■ Contribute!
Before you post, think about whether or not the post truly is interesting to others? A beautiful view is beautiful, but if it's just a photo of your computer screen, most won't find that interesting.
Make people want to interact with your post!

■ This is a community! Interact with others and have fun!

■ One cannot intentionally impersonate or pose as another person/celebrity's YouTube account for personal gain and views. This action directly violates the YouTube Terms of Service agreement. 

Do & Don't:

Don't just post your YouTube channel. Post a video instead, and perhaps link your channel url in the post if you really need to.
The thing is, people like videos more than a plain channel.

Don't tell people to +1/subscribe if you tell them you might do some cool thing in the future. It's like a kickstarter where they tell you what you kickstarted,  if it met it's goal. Nobody would do that!

Don't just post "Hi!" when introducing yourself. That's not an introduction! Tell us who you are, what platform do you play on etc.. It is a way to make friends! The Introductions category still isn't a place to beg for followers/subscribers.

Do +mention any of the moderators when you see someone breaking the rules. This will help us check out the trouble sooner!

Do post a rich post! The more awesome your post is, the more attention it will get! Remember your grammar and use awesome images/videos.

Do ask about the rules when in doubt.
Too many find out the hard way, after they did not read the rules, that their post was removed from the community.

Current active moderators:
+Nathan Bailey(owner) 
+Rajat Jain(co-owner)  
+Peter Falk 
+Jasper Moh 
+The Nether Craft
+brian meerkerk 
+Anna Kana 
+Skarlette Crevan 
+Lander Duwijn 
+Sassy Treacle 
+David Butler 
+Jurassicparklionkingfan (Nathan's YouTube account)
+Crimson Clarity  

Do you wish to have your name in this list? Apply for moderatorship!
The Fan Community for Minecraft!
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➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
"Strive to do better, one step at a time!" We are in a cave with half a heart and no regen. In this episode, we travel back to where our spawn is to find the most resource of all... Wood.
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I see, hope you get some snooze time soon dude.
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Zombie Enderman

➥ Discussion  - 
Come play my realm
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➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
After Fighting the Witheer. Me and my friends are ready to move on to a new home! Hope you guys enjoy the video!
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Nano Zipper

➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
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hey nice vid sub 4 sub? I subbed please sub me back ;)
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tegar maulana Fahreza

➥ Screenshots  - 
wow hunger games server indonesia done!!!
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➥ Servers  - 
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P.J. Beans (chompy33)

➥ Pocket Edition  - 
Me and +Its Nife's MCPE let's play!
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Hey nice video sub 4 sub?
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3 amazing seeds
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About this community

Welcome to the Original Fan Community for the game, Minecraft. ______________________________________________________ A link to the community rules can be found at the bottom of this card. But to sum it up, here are the basic rules: 1. ABSOLUTELY no tolerance on piracy. If you post an illegal copy of any kind, it is an instant ban. 2. Keep posts related to Minecraft. Posts that barely mention Minecraft also violate this rule. 3. No "chainposts" (posts that ask for one to reshare or +1) are allowed of any kind, related or not 4. Posts that only ask for subscriptions to one's Youtube channel are not allowed. Asking for subscriptions is okay, just as long they post a video with it, not just their channel 5. Producing more than three posts in a time frame of five hours is considered floodposting and will be removed 6. Be nice. Overly hostile members will be removed. 7. Please post in the correct category. Do not post anything in the "Choose the Best Category" Category 8. No impersonating another Youtube for personal gain or views. Video piracy is a real situation that will not be taken lightly ______________________________________________________ Not sure what category your post belongs to? There's a link to a post explaining them further down. ______________________________________________________ Do you see any posts that break the rules? Mention any of the moderators, to let them fix it sooner! Currently active moderators: +Nathan Bailey (Owner) +Rajat Jain (Co Owner) +Jasper Moh +The Nether Craft +Brian Meerkerk +Daniel Colaianni +Anna Kana +Skarlette "Beal" Crevan +Lander Duwijn +Sassy Treacle +David Butler +jurassicparklionkingfan (Nathan's YouTube account) +Crimson Clarity ______________________________________________________ Community's display image created by +Fede Bello


➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
Minecraft story mode apk pc is one of my great gameplays of Minecraft series!
First jessie and petra making the deal and then chasing Ivor is totally intense!
Hope you like it!
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➥ Discussion  - 
So...I just learned the importance of backing up your builds lol 😭😭 any tips of retrieving deleted or lost files would be greatly appreciated. 
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Time machine
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➥ Discussion  - 
if you want gfx make sure to tell me in the comments
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If you wouldn't mind I would like one as well :)
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Quick building tutorial for a beach house. Modify to your heart's content. (However, the spacing works best between pillars if it's 3 or 5. More can be done if the numbers are odd [7, 9, 11...], but don't overdo it.)
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Noe Garcia

➥ Mods  - 
Hi everyone I back to show you guys a new thing last time it was Yandere now its CRAZY CRAFT 3.0 check it out and tell me what you think and how to make it better!
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Cool my name is jrwizard1 doxyou mime subscribe me I sub back and follow back
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Why am i recommended to this group?
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I don't know. The Google+ recommendation services are an enigma of its own
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Hello everybody! I'd like to invite you all to join a brand new SMP server called Sonacraft! To join my new server, simply send in the following application format to!

Why do you want to join my minecraft server? 

What is your ingame minecraft name? 

Why should we pick you? 

How old are you? 

Have you been banned from any other minecraft servers? 

If so why? 

When finalizing your application, make sure to say Mew sent you or you will not have a 100% chance of approval. We hope to see you on Sonacraft!
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Lucky beginning of survival.
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+Jonathan Moua I killed a zombie with this armor and got it.
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Skrill Galactic Storm

➥ Fanart/Images  - 
Play-Doh Piggy
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➥ Arts/Videos/Other works  - 
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