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9/14 failed Yedo. never finished.

Betryal at baulders gate. 33, travis Gerry Christian Myles Casey rob won. Saved traitor travis from gnoll possesion

Betryal at baulders gate. 34. Travis Gerry Casey Myles Christian rob win. Two heads

8/31 middle earth quest . Casey sauron victory over Gerry Myles casey

Emergents genesis Myles beat rob Casey Gerry
Shadow hunter rob Christian shadow win Christian nueltral win Casey Gerry Myles loose
Shadow hunter Gerry win
Farlight travis 43 best Casey 32 Myles26 Gerry 37 Christian. 19 (Score keeping issues then travis, travis clear winner)

The thing . Casey Christian imitations won. Myles travis rob Gerry loss.

Spell wars christian won

Evolution christian 54 myles 53 casey 43 Gerry 42 bob 30 rob 27

Epic spell wars Myles beat christian Gerry Casey rob

7 wonders Casey 61 christian 56 Myles 53 travis 48 rob 42 Gerry 36

7 wonders Myles 78 christian 55 Casey 52 Gerry 43 rob 39 travis 35

Catan. Casey beat Myles Gerry travis Christian

Dead of winter Gerry win Christian win Jeff win Travis win Casey win

Ascension Myles 91 Christian 79 Casey 73 Gerry 63
The Thing. Casey Christian Thing victory. Ferry Myles travis loss

5/11. Battle of Durak jeff Gerry myles
Battle of durak casey jeff Myles gerry
Dead of winter. Travis betrayal win . Gerry myles jeff casey loose
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