Mr. Kem, what was the reconstruction assignment?

Mr. Kem, my missing work is my folder. Please check it when you get the chance please & thank you. 

Mr.Kem can you please check my folder I saved the Gettysburg assignment, RAFT essay, Kansas Nebraska Act assignment, and the Emancipation Proclamation assignment. Thanks

My Civil War Assignment is late but completed

Mr.Kem can you check my folder i saved the gettysburg address and the emancipation as a pdf, they should work now. And you didnt check my dbq essay yet.

Mr. Kem Can you look in my folder in the late folder .. I have my gettysburg address, raft essay , and emancipation proclamation assignments in there

Mr.Kem, my Gettysburg address assignment, the civil war essay was sent through alexes, and the diagram of the north and south was sent to you, all these things are in my folder and not late. I also have my late folder and i have my R.A.F.T essay there and my emancipation Proclamation hw in there. When you have chance can you please go over my work. Thank you 

Mr. Kem!!!!!! PLEASE CHECK MY FOLDER!!! =)

Mr. Kem, check my missing assignment folder for my emancipation assignment please

Mr.Kem i have the gettysburg address, raft essay, the emancipation and the project 1
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