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The Doll Collection

Terrapin Books has recently published a book of poetry about dolls – in their loveable and not so loveable forms. Among the 89 poets are 12 who have previously published in Switched-on Gutenberg :

• Robin Chapman
• Jessica Koninck
• Roberta Feins
• Kelly Fordon
• Susan Kelly-DeWitt
• Lori Lamothe
• Joan Mazza
• Kim Roberts
• Mary EllenTalley
• Susan Terris
• Scott Wiggerman
• Kristin Camitta Zimet

See our authors index for links to individual poems in past SOG issues: http://www.

For more information about the book, see the link below

Why I Buy Poetry Books

Even though I am trying not to grow my book collection again, I have made a commitment to buy certain poetry books:

1)      Someone raves about a book and the library doesn’t have it

The Seattle Public Library is a great library but has a limited collection of contemporary poetry.  I could pay the $5 for an Interlibrary Loan request, but I’d rather support a small publisher.

2)      The book is written by someone I know.

When I graduated from my MFA program at New England College in 2007, I promised myself I would buy any book a classmate of mine published.  The total keeps growing; I’ve bought 20 or so books in the last eight years. I feel it is a way of cherishing the writing community I enjoyed so much in school.
3)      To support a small press
I’ll browse at a book fair or, when I research a journal I might submit to or a press I might want to send a manuscript to, I will buy a book. It helps me to get a better flavor of what the magazine/press might like, and helps them stay in business long enough, I hope, to consider my book.
I don’t buy books or journals when I want to submit to a journal, but I can’t find an on-line example of their published poems.  It’s bad enough that so few journals pay to publish poetry.  But I feel resentful when I have to fork out $6 - $10 to get a sample issue of a journal.   I figure also that I contribute to the poetry world by my unpaid work editing Switched-on Gutenberg.

Here are some books I have recently purchased
·         House of Burnt Offerings by Judith Skillman
               2015,  Pleasure Boat Studio
·         Hospital Series by Amelia Rosselli,
          translated by Deborah Woodard, Roberta Antognini and
          Giuseppe Leporace 2015 New Directions Poetry Pamphlet # 19

·         Five Poems by Dorinda Wegener
          Damfino Press 2015

·         By the Stand of Black Walnut Trees by Melissa Rickey
          Finishing Line Press  2015

·         Because Autumn by John Krumberger
         (actually a gift, Thanks John) 2016 Main Street Rag

·         In This Room by Terry Lucas 2016 CW Books

·         Blood Fruit by Tayve Neese 2015 David Robert Books

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