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New kitchen cabinets are an opportunity to give your kitchen an updated look. Whether it is custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets or assembled, it gives beautiful look to your kitchen.

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Few Useful Tips of Selecting the Right Kitchen Floor
How to Select the #RightKitchenFloor?
The life of the house resides within its kitchen. It takes a good deal of careful planning to make a kitchen surely spectacular and at the same time functional enough so that whoever is working in the #kitchen can get the work done with utmost ease and comfort. The kitchen should be spotlessly clean and hygienic at all times. For more information visit our blog section.

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Door Gas Spring is widely used component upgrade, support, like car door. balance and gravity instead of sophisticated mechanical spring. Door Gas Spring to high pressure inert gas as the driving force in the entire working stroke in supporting force is constant, which is superior to the ordinary gas strut is the biggest characteristic, and with easy installation, safe to use without maintenance and other advantages.
Door Gas Spring Specifications
1. High quality
2. Silence when moving
3. The gas spring is up and down smoothly
If you want to get more information,please visit our website:

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Mini Gas Spring is used in bonnet, boot, hatchback lid and hood in cars, we are able to produce different car brand gas spring. Mini Gas Spring suitable for up-tuming wooden door and duminum frame door.(different specification  suitable for doors of different weights) pneumatic support can be purchased or custom-built for proper strength based on weight of door panel the colour can be customized according to the customer demand
Mini Gas Spring Specification
Specification: YQ8-18-92-288(O-U)155N
Force(N) :      155
Stroke(mm):     92
C-C Length(mm): 288
Connectors  :   O-U
Mini Gas Spring Advantage:
1) We are one of  the most professional manufacturers in China.
2) Provide all kinds of gas spring for Car
3) According your drawing or dimension
4) High quality with competitive price
5) Fast delivery
6) Excellent paint surface
7) We will reply your inquiry on the first time. 
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  A locking gas spring incorporates a mechanism to enable the rod to be locked at any point in its travel. A plunger that protrudes from the rod actuates this mechanism. When this plunger is depressed the rod is free to operate as normal. When the plunger is released, which may be at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position.
  When considerable forces influence moveable construction parts, the reliable locking is important. The piston rod of the locking gas spring can be adjusted in every required position of the whole stroke by actuating the release pin. Depending on the occuring forces in your application, we can fit your locking gas spring for different load limits in a reasonable way. In this production program, the absolutely rigid locking gas spring in both directions is a worldwide recognized innovation.
  The main use of the locking gas spring of the easylift system is the independence of an external energy source, the comprehensive measures and the damped, controlled movement. Please see the 4 basic models and further function variations on our website. Or if you have the possibility you can see numerous function models in our facility. We assist you in the realisation of your projects. Of course, locking gas spring has the. If you want to get more information,please visit our website:

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 Cabinet Gas Strut is the best way to operate your over head cabinets allowing you the best access into the cabinet. Suitable for all types of wooden and aluminium door frames. They have a satin and Chrome finish for that modern look.
 Cabinet Gas Strut stay is available in various strengths to cover most applications. With this gas stay once you begin to open the door it then continues by itself to gently open the door to its full extent.
 For easy opening of kitchen cabinet doors. Arbitrary Stop means that this type of hydraulic gas spring support can enable your cabinet door to stop at any angle while opening, but to realize this effect, you need to install two pieces to your cabinet door. And it's ok for you to just install one piece to your cabinet door if you do not need the Arbitrary Stop Function.
The design of the Kinvaro F-20, including its attractively shaped cover cap available in different colours, is co-ordinated to match all other models in the product family, and blends in elegantly with all modern interiors.
Size: extened length 9.5" compressed length 6" (ball socket to ball socket distance)
Size for different pressure type varies slightly.
Silence and soft with cabinet doors close
With all screws for fixing
Pressure: 80N/8KG, 100N/10KG, 120N/12KG, 150N/15KG
If you want to get more information,please visit our website:
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