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Youre probably wondering why i gathered you all here today. I have a dilemma at hand. We have been under assault of intense pessimism, which inconveniences everyone. So lets cheer the fuck up
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Yeah... no
Aha aha fuck no

Looking for my new moderators. Leave me a comment if you are interested or you know someone who would make a good admin. Then the EPIC TOURNAMENT OF ADMINS!!! So ye. I am going to add about 3 new admins for now. Good luck emo beans.

My Emo Children... I come before you to say I am adopting all of you as my own. I want to protect you beans and this way I can make sure you all have a good home. Though I can not provide you with money and food. I can provide you with hugs, a shoulder to cry on, memes and all the dad jokes. I love you all my smol emo beans.

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Bring my Church back


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So long and good night... 😭😒😒😒
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