How to save data progress like account data ? So iam not worry even my phone lost. Have Anyone know ?

Ok i like the game still needs work and i know your working on it but there is a bug you can buy amulet the first are second one and unequip it and re equip it to get copies in inventory then you can sell buy all the best stuff save and yes after you save and come back u dont have gold from selling the amulets but you have everything you bought

I'd like an email to email the developer to make this process easier. OK here we go I'm keeping a list because I really like this game even though it's in process (beta).
1. Need a inn or somewhere to rest to recover health/mana.
2. Really sucks to lose all your gold upon death considering how easy it is to die.
3. Very hard, take too much damage, hitting enemies and movement is buggy.
4. Too hard to get gold.
5. Weapons/items are too expensive.
6. Again hitting enemies is very very buggy.
7. Equipping items (potions/mana potions) inefficient, can't equip health and mana at same time.
8. Using skills is buggy.

So this game is like but needs a revamp on whole game so first there's no pause button need to add one and at the same time remodel the status and skills menu and inventory bag also more skills are needed passive and skills you could even take some gráfico off and make it 2D the game will be better another thing skills lag and it takes the Atk icon off so you get hit while that happens also a settings to control music and sfx a exit to go back to main menu could also work on equips there's some you buy and they have a certain states and it's another some monster don't have hp bar and when attacking them they respawn on top of each other and you have to wait till the drop please fix thank awaiting update ohh also more skills icon and to be able to edit like move them to your liking and to be able to add hp and mp pots

Hi. I recently installed this game and stuck on the start up screens. Nothing happen when i choose the new game option.

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Excelente mas precisa de mais atualizações,bug eu não vi nenhum,coloquem mais personagens como:arqueiro,assassino,mago pra comprar com ouro e não cash,guerreiro com lança e alabarda, samurai,montarias,e raças como:elfo,orc,minotauro,duende.etc. O jogo é bom mais precisa de melhorias como as que citei.Aguardo uma resposta.Parabéns pelo excelente jogo.Coloque também npc's.estou ansioso para jogar com essas atualizações.

I am a user of this game you can write me to this email: and I am having a terrible experience with this game I inicially thought I would like.
The main problem is a Structural Problem, where once you start playing the game nothing is written, not even the character's name Shown...

Please fix this inmediately or I will have to report Apple Store.

I am Marat Biktimirov from Russia, Moscow

I can help you with translating the game Onion Knight
or other games into Russia, which will increase sales in the Russian App Store and Google Play. We have successfully transferred already 3 games in Russia language - Bio Inc , Shadow Blade by Crescent Moon Games, Freeze! These games quite a long time were 1 first sales in the app store. … and other lang

Hello everybody welcome to Onion Knight of communities.
If you have any question(bug,suggest,problem...etc) could post to here
Also you could post your game of honor or funny picture that share to other players.

For your attention our game ,we are thanks again! 
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