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Miska finally published Sotakarjut. Now we have started working on this game and this week we have talked about the final structure for the final game. At the same time ideas have been flowing and OH MYYYYY I'm really excited about this game.

Drifters, warhounds, rooters, scrappers, cultists, marauders, cannibals and mutants will all get described in final game.

Different areas will be described, eG Dream zones.

Insanity rules will possibly differ.

Fuel rules are streamlined. The prices will differ (bullets and fuel are more expensive and most of the stuff is cheaper)

We are adding monsters, scavenging rules and rules for damaged items and repair.

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A link to my blog where I use Google Earth and Kevin Crawford's Other Dust to make a Post-Apoc ruin.

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We have a dedicated wed domain now. No new content yet, but from now on you can find us at http://www.ch-rpg.com/

A little question on the side, for the production team behind the "Alpha Kit":

Was the figure (the artwork as well as the character) of the cult-leader (the one who is the "final opponent") inspired by a character of the old anime "Violence Jack: Hell´s Wind"?

The opening scenes of said anime feature a big guy who is a gang "under boss", and said opening feature the application of chainsaw as well.

The character looks pretty similar to the one featured in the artwork, so I just had to ask. Of course, I might just be coincidence :)

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I made my very first Die Drop Table and would like to share it with you. Naturally, it is something Post-Apocalyptic as this a genre I like a lot. The little thing you are going to find below will help you to generate an encounter with (other) human survivors by the drop of three dice (a d6, a d8 and d10).

The sum of the d6 and d10 tells you how many individuals are encountered ( 2- 16).

The location of the d10 (the field it ended up in) tells you who they are (e.g. marauders, nomads, etc.)

The location and result of the d6 tells you what they are currently doing (most of the time, the characters will encounter people who are traveling themselves).

The location and result of the d8 tells you something special about this group (e.g. infected, riding on horses, demanding a toll, all dead, etc.)

Et voilá! There is your inspiration for your next encounter! If one of the results tells you to generate a second group of people, just roll the d10 and the d6 to determine who this second group is and how many they are (see above).

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I started writing down stuff the old way. On a fever writing about monsters is quite easy.

Hi everyone!

here are three "powers" that I developed for a mutant [Earl] that the characters can encounter in a session I am still preparing [and are unlikely to start before next year :( ] The character gained a third eye (on the center of his forehead) as a result of occult studies and worship of "the New Gods".

Perhaps somebody finds them useful, comments and feedback are of course always welcome:

The Third Eye: Being stared at by Earl´s third eyes asks for a Sanity Check with FR:4 [1d3 Insanity]. Earl will try to make use of this in combat, as a result a fumble of an attacker means that he or she stares straight into the third eye if eye contact is not avoided. The victim gains a point of Stress from the starring eye, avoiding eye contact is a handicap in melee or while aiming at Earl with a ranged weapon.

Hypnotic Stare (SFX): Earl can use a Velocity point to use his hypnotic stare against an opponent that is not avoiding eye-contact with his third eyes (see above). Earl can use this as a free action and the victim must win a Willpower test against him or will lose a half action in the next two rounds and won´t be able to avoid eye-contact during these two rounds.

Chants from Beyond (SFX): Earl can use a Velocity point to intone chant he “learned” recently through his drug-addled visions. He is not aware of what the effect of it is so he will only use it if convinced that the characters will kill him if he is not going to turn tables on them quickly. The chant will call for an Sanity Check with FR:6 a[1d6 Insanity], and everybody who fails the test will be stunned for one round (characters that have “Madness” as their Motivation gain an Edge for this test). Speaking the chants is a free action for Earl, but every other action he performs while doing so receives a Handicap. The shadows will deepen and grow while Earl chants and after the third turn something will crawl out of it .

I am currently preparing my first session and find the fuel/fuel consumption in regard to PUSHING a bit strange. First and foremost, it will make the characters burn fuel that would be worth of up to 100km of travel (depending on the fuel consumption of the vehicle) for one little “speed push” [Edge] in chase scenes. Second, the flat “1 point per push” gives a monster truck the same fuel consumption as a motorcycle in regard to “high performance “maneuvers. While I have heard that fighter jets burn up 1/3 of their fuel in air combat, I don´t think that this should apply to motor cycles. (1 point for a “push” = half tank capacity of an Enduro Bike).

Suggestion 1: if one is going to double or triple both capacity and consumption but sticks to “1 point for an Edge”, the “high performance fuel consumption” is not that high anymore.

Suggestion 2: if the above alternate rules are used, the “burn for EDGE” could be changed from “1 point” to “fuel points equal to half (or “third”) of the BURN stat” the vehicles would actually guzzle up fuel in accordance to the overall appetite of their engines when being forced into high performance.

Disclaimer: I have ZERO practical knowledge in regard to engines, so if you do and I am just plain wrong in my assumptions, please ignore me =) Thanks!

"Terve" to all you finnish folks and "Hello" to the rest of you all :)

I would like to share another creature with you, one which I ruled to come into existence due to what looks like "spontaneous creation" to all who only perceive one plane of existence: the Giant Fungal Slug (CH compatible):

Fungal slugs generate out of large concentrations of giant mushrooms or large mold fields. They differ in size and while the normally come into being as small as a grown men´s thumb they sometimes bulge out of a large fungal mass with the size of dog or sheep. While the smaller ones usually are preyed upon by other creatures these large slugs can become a danger themselves for the local fauna (instead of feeding from the fungi that spawned them). They are rather slow and attack by engulfing parts of their prey so that their secretions can liquefy the flesh of their victims but if they stay in dense cover (like a flied of giant mushrooms) they may be able to surprise their prey. The pain and shock of feeling ones flesh melting away can be overwhelming, leaving the prey defenseless against an attacker it could otherwise harm easily.

Drive: Eat…. Grow….
Vitality: 5
Push Limit: 0
Defense: 5
Attack: 1d6 (Entangle; Special)
Skills: Stealth: 6; Fighting: 3

Remarks: A Giant Fungal Slug gains an Edge if it tries to ambush a character out of or inside of the fungal field that spawned it. If an attack of it gains a Torque it delivers an additional point of Fatigue through the pain it causes. A character that receives actual damage from the attack of a fungal slug must pass a DL:15 Willpower test or will lose two actions during his or her next turn.
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