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Look what I just found at Wal-Mart!! OMG! Only $1.44!

One thing is always struggle with is finding age appropriate toys for the kids that will stand up to all of the play. I had an especially hard time finding food I liked for the kitchen area. A couple years ago I found food from Learning Resources. The line was called New Sprouts. It is meant for toddlers but it is super well made, relatively realistic looking and not super expensive. Now, the New Sprouts line carries all kinds awesome and durable toys. I have my eye on this awesome campout set! I'm pretty sure I'm not going be able to start the school year without it! What fun things do you have in your home living/dramatic play?

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Teachers always ask me what my favorite way to laminate is. I always tell them that I would gladly pay extra for the Scotch laminating pouches because they are thick and last a long time! (Maybe I should try to get commission 😜)

I saw another teacher post on their blog today that the pouches are on sale. So I wanted to pass it on here too! Here is the link on Amazon. Note: the price has already raised slightly in the last couple of hours which is typical for these great deals! But even at this price they are super a good deal!

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4-Inches, 3 mil thick, 200-Pack (TP3854-200),Clear

I hope everyone is enjoying the first part of summer vacation! Be honest, who has planned, prepped or already bought things for next year? 😉
I may have already taken a trip to Lakeshore 😳

One of the topics that was brought up at the conference was assessments. What kinds of assessments are you using? What are the positives or negatives of this style of assessment?

For those people who have a mix of different options, do you feel like you see a difference in the students who come a few days a week versus 5 days? What a planning headache it must be to have students coming and going throughout the week. Our 3K offers 2 options (T/TH or M/W/F a.m.) and our 4K is only M-F a.m. Our school offers childcare for students in need of full day options.

Thank you for join our community! Let's start with an easy question. Do you have a full-day or half-day program and how many days a week do your students attend?

Our 4K program has four options for the parents to pick from: M-W-F half day or full day, M-F half day or full day.
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