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Name: Asaki Fumikuno
Human Age: 17
Likes: food
Dislikes: people wasting food
bio: Born and raised in Hokkaido, Asaki decided to run away to Tokyo for a better chance at life due to her dysfunctional family relationship with her father. Days after she did, she was murdered in an alleyway after being drugged and rapped.
Appearance: ( in the picture below )
Weapon/ Regalia form: A blaze-fire saber ( a gun combined with a sword )
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Name: Hiyori Iki
Age: 15
Likes: Gods, weapons, boxing, school and friends
Dislikes: Not studying, people who abuse their power and bullies.
Bio: Hiyori still has both of her parents she didn't have much friend's when she was younger, but know she has two friends and two closer friend's.
Abilities or weapon: one of Hiyori's abilities is that she's half phantom, her soul slips out from time to time she has no weapon but one special move " Jungle tornado kick "
Appearance: Pictures below
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°God profile template° Name: Ayaka Mikako
Age: Appears 16. Real age is unknown.
Regalia(s): Aya
Likes: Sweets, water, animals, music
Dislikes: Cold, heat, gloom
Bio: Aya is a feisty, stubborn and sweet girl, but she can be protective, even overprotective at times. She is too careful, but keeps herself together in tough situations. She is a calm and collected girl, despite her not so good qualities. She is also extremely loyal and would die to protect her friends and loved ones.
Type of God: Water
Appearance: Photo
Abilities: Bending water and communing with animals from the spirit world. 

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Hi hiyorin!

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Can I be Yato?

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Name: ebisu kofuku
Regalia(s): her shinki daikoku
Likes: she likes having fun but isn't allowed to by her shinki
Dislikes: seriousness
Bio: like yato she isn't worshipped although she wishes to be she charges ¥5,000 for favors that you ask of her and she wasn't allowed a shinki for her abilities
Type of God: goddess of poverty
Appearance:Kofuku has the appearance of a petite, attractive teenage girl. Her hair is puffy and light pink, curling inwards at the end with a few fly-a ways. She has purple eyes, and her outfit consists of a white collared shirt with a pink checkered tie and a miniskirt with a similar pattern. On occasion, she wears a beige sweater over her top. She is 157cm (5'2") tall
Abilities:Good Luck Killer: Kofuku has the ability to have bad omens follow her, causing people to lose jobs, or even make bad accidents happen. This is due to her being the Goddess of Poverty which gives everyone around her misfortune. This ability does seem to affect gods and regalias. It seems to act as a direct influence on the people around her.

Vent Prediction and Opening: Kofuku is able to predict where vents - concentrated masses of gloom that attract phantoms - are going to appear at some point in the future. This ability comes to her naturally, without any need for some sort of divination ceremony. It is not entirely clear whether this ability is actual precognition or rather just her ability to spread misfortune that causes the vents to open where she guesses they would. As well, Kofuku can open vents, as seen when she and Daikoku open one to allow Bishamon to go to the Underworld. To do this, she uses Daikoku and shouts "Bore!"

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May I be ebisu kofuku?
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