Check out our website ( - there are sample honor council books that your council can check out - especially if it is the first time your council has completed an honor council book!

Thank you to the East and Thunder Basin High School student councils for their willingness to share their work with everyone.

Reminder: SLC Registration deadline is coming up ... June 1st! Honor Council Book submissions are due June 15th!

Also everyone please remember that the due dates for SLC registration are fast approaching! (June 1) I hope finals are going well for everyone!

Hey everyone!
I know that Make- A-Wish week is happening all over the state and you guys are doing a wonderful job with supporting this charity. I would like to hear of some of the ideas that you guys have. I think it would be a great idea to get some different ideas that work for other people across our state.

Some of the ideas that my council came up with was ask businesses for donations of either money or things to raffle off. Raffle tickets are another good source of money. We also asked our principal if he would be okay being duct taped to a wall, and each person can buy a piece of blue or white duct tape for a dollar. Tour de Wish is another idea that we had for this summer to raise money.

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This is for the people who don't know what region they are in

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Everything is better with a little competition! Whatever region you are from please vote and come Convention time in the Winter we'll see who wins! The region that wins this will be recognized!
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North West Region
Central Region
North East Region
South East Region
South West Region

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