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… Trading Preparedness for Self-Directed Futures Traders (Part II)

Event on: Tuesday, Oct 9 4:30PM ET 3:30PM CT

Presenter: Vinny Nizian-Licensed Broker

… Join us for this live webinar with Vinny Nizian - a licensed Futures Broker who will discuss ❝Trading Preparedness❞ with our audience in this sixty minute live session.

💰Vinny Nizian will help you learn from other traders’ mistakes - so you can hopefully avoid them, or at least be prepared if they do happen.

Sign-Up to meet Vinny and bring your questions at this live event @:
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USA Stock Market Weekly Update Aug 12, 17 - Option Trading Strategies | Stock Trading

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Black diamond trader 2 Is an extremely powerful trading system with buy/sell entries and exits that can be exit Traded manually or with the Automated Strategy.

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My name is Viktor Neustroev and I am an option trader.
Could you, please, look into my course on delta-neutral trading on Udemy and send me your feedback? I specilize on commodity markets and used many delta-neutral strategies. The most useful strategies for me are long timespread on calls, ratio vertical spread and short strangle. All 3 strategies brought me a lot of profits and now I want to share it with people, who don't know that it's possible to stay neutral to the market, but earn money.
This course is free if you use this link:
Thank you in advance for your feedback. This is my first course and your opinion is very important for me.

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